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Posted by Kate on August 18, 1999 at 07:19:01:

In Reply to: Re: just for fun... posted by Miss Marcia on August 17, 1999 at 23:25:52:

:Miss Marcia wrote:
: Dear Miss Katie,

: Well, la-di-da! Aren't WE just impressed with ourselves and our social standing!! Miss Marcia would like to remind you that she comes from a pretty REEfined background herownself, doncha know! And if lindsey-woolsey is good enough for HER to wear day-to-day in Mohicanland, it is certainly good enough for the likes o' YOU! Harummmmmmmph!! Now, mind you, Miss Marcia does LOVE an opportunity to dress up a bit, and pull out her laces and ribbons, and fine velvets & silks, too...but she certainly feels there is nothing wrong with a good serviceable calico or gingham for daily wear in a rural environment such as we have here in our quaint little village!

: And if Miss Katie doesn't want to be accused of puttin' on airs and the like, she'll not flaunt her finery and her genteel background TOO much. Old Crone and She-Who-Tracks would be ESPECIALLY put out...and it doesn't do to ruffle their feathers too much, ya know. As for Sassy, well that gal would come swoooshin' down on you on her ol' carpet & screech to a halt real sudden-like just to flang a cloud of dust over your fancy togs, and teach you a lesson or two! She doesn't take lightly to any Jenny-come-lately prissin' around town and makin' the rest of us look shabby!

: Just puttin' a leetle bug in your ear, as it were, dearie!

: Yours Most Graciously,
: Miss Marcia


My Dear Miss Marcia,

I do believe I owe you an apology! I regret that unfortunate outburst of mine. It was but the result of that statement which you made - 'a bit more decorum'. To accuse one of such high breeding to have 'a bit more decorum' was a trifle ill-advised if you did not wish any repercussions! However, I apologise for that show of bad taste, in drawing such attention to my genteel upbringing - perhaps it WAS just a trifle OTT!

You are indeed correct, Miss! Good, bleached calico is surely the best and most practical of costume for our drab (beg pardon!) *rural* little community! In an environment such as ours, where it pays not to have to worry about getting dirty, through chasing fool dogs and cats, interacting with characters such as Simon Girty, canoe trips with She-Who-Tracks, mixing wattle and daub, etc., the sooner they invent denim dungarees the better, that's all I can say!

Having said that - have I shown you my latest little creation? The most exquisite quasi-denim (well, they haven't invented the real stuff yet!) pinafore, with contrasting red gingham apron? You really must come into my little establishment, where I can stitch you up will all manner of garments suitable a la kitchen! I have brown serges to hide your fuu-uuudge drips, green lawn to wear at your next 'Mint Dewlap' party and I have the most 'out of this world' purple 'seer' sucker that would be just tickety boo for Miss Sassy!! Yes - do pop over to my little establishment, where I would be happy to take you through my clothes! We shall also partake of a little Earl Grey and a selection of petit gateaux, with 'fondant' icing, just for you!

Oh yes, Miss - AIN'T NOBODY - beg pardon! None shall accuse our little community of being tired and shabby! Not if I can help it!! I have bedding to aid the tired and the latest in buckskin fashions to assist the shabby! This little village is going to have 'eclat' if it kills me! Coco Chanel - eat your heart out!!

I remain, your gracious amie,
Miss Katie.

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