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Posted by Doctor M on August 23, 1999 at 15:00:41:

In Reply to: Re: For Doc Mary posted by Bill R on August 23, 1999 at 14:04:48:

: : : :
: : : : Doc Mary,

: : : : You haven't change one bit over the last are STILL completely looney, and clearly think more about things....well,
: : : : shall we say, intimate....than even I do. And I thought I WAS sick and obsessive about such subjects!

: : : : Here's a gift for you.....a special salve for your loincloth chafed wilderness heros of the rippling muscles.....I got the prime ingredient while down In Tijuana....Hispanic Flyus - guaranteed to produce results. Beneficial to both the administrator and the administree.

: : : : Bill R

: :
: : : Dear Mr. Bill:

: : : YOU think obsessively about ripply-muscled men in loincloths
: : : too???? Does Betty know about this? You might need more help
: : : than Doctor Mary can give you at this point. You might have
: : : to be referred to my associate, Ms. E-Layne The Terrible.
: : : She'll straighten you out. I've got, you should pardon the
: : : expression, my hands full at the moment.

: : : Kiss! Kiss!

: : : Doctor M

: : Whoa, Doc! That was some itch pitch you did there. This isn't one of those camps for UNDER privileged kids, is it?

: : And it's about time you called on me for help. Anywho ... a cure for Mr. Bill. Hmmmmmmm ..... How about a loincloth toting, banjo playing, muscle ripping tour guide through 'Deliverance' country? That ought to cure whatever ails Mr. Bill right quick!

: : Glad to be of assistance.

: : Ms. E-Layne the Terrible

: : PS Bill - run!!!

: You betcha. Just as fast as my stubby legs can carry me. Deliver me from Deliverance, please dear God. *feeling like he is in a dream running running running on a Sticky Linen tarred road and getting nowhere*

: Somebody should STUDY you folks! I mean, what kind of depraved mind comes up with these things? That was just too too low a shot.....I mean, every man's fear come to life....go innocently rafting down some damn river and three or four inbred, toothless, smelly ignorant ridge-runners make a pass at you? *shudders*
: Would rather die. Would rather burn for Huron entertainment.
: Ugh. I will have nightmares now for a week, thenk you veddy much Elaine.

: Bill R don't dismiss those inbred. toothless, smelly,
ignorant ridge-runners out of hand, Mr. Bill. I mean,
they need love too! Besides, you've just described most
of my relatives!!!

Doctor M

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