Re: There IS Joy ... (and Jay!) ... In MohicanLand!

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Posted by Kate on August 29, 1999 at 17:07:41:

In Reply to: Re: There IS Joy ... (and Jay!) ... In MohicanLand! posted by Chris on August 29, 1999 at 14:51:58:

: Hi Rich,

: : So many things to talk about this week! Forgive the rambling that's sure to follow ... those that choose to see this as a "pompous" post, so be it.

: Pompous?? I think not! There is not a pompous bone in either of your bodies!

: : 3 - A negative turned positive ... will have to bite my tongue on this one ... OUCH! ... and not speak. Sorry!

: Dang! You know what such statements do to my curiosity! Will we ever know? Or should I just try to forget about it? :o)

: : We know a lot of you are wondering about a new film. Again, we have to bite the bullet. Sworn to secrecy.

: You will let us know once you have something publishable, won't you?

: : We received our Barcole Foundation "Winds of Change" video this week. NICE job! Put together by the Seminole Indian tribe, the video is professionally done with extended segments of just Wes Studi & Eric Schweig in separate interviews, plus a song from their jam session & a part of the autograph session ... In addition, there's some traditional-style flute playing, art, dancing, & more. All in all, we really enjoyed it. Seems like a most worthwhile cause and we urge you all to try to attend next year's event (see our Eric Schweig Pages).

: Wasn't the tape excellent! It was fun to see a side of Wes Studi I had never seen before. I also thought Eric did an excellent job in his interview. Cool jam session! And Wes and the baby were so cute. Hopefully, since the video sold out, they will continue to sell one each year as a fundraiser.

: :Foundation spokeswoman, Tracee McCreary, had this to say to us, "I have to tell the two of you, fooling around with this festival business, I've checked out a lot of web pages, and your web page is one of the best promotional pieces that I've come across yet! It's very tastefully done." Aw SCHUCKS! See? The GOOD stuff DOES outweigh the BAD stuff!

: Maybe that's not an award you can see, but the verbal ones are heartfelt too. I hope you know how much we all appreciate everything you do for us. 800-1000 people a day are a testament to how good you are. BELIEVE IT!!!

: : While I'm "Tooting Our Own Horn" we also received our FIRST award! This one, we are pleased to say, is a genuine & heart-felt award from the AHG publication. We are extremely pleased to have received it ... PROUD, in fact ... and contrary to our usual policy, have it posted on the Web Site. Thank you, Stephanie Ann Gritts, Editor. The words mean much to us!

: Congratulations on the award from AHG. Stephanie does not hand out her praise willy-nilly, so when she does, it goes to those who stand head and shoulders above the rest.

: : The Biltmore Estate package proposal for the Third Annual Great Mohican Gathering 2000 seems, to us ... and apparantly to most of you on our Gathering Mailing List ... a good idea. We haven't finalized it yet, but it's one of those things that is custom-made for us, and that helps to make The Gathering special ... much like The River Walk & the ES raffle this year. Expect it to happen!

: Sounds great!

: : As always, we are so very thankful that you all are a daily part of our lives. The negatives, sampled above, are sure to continue in the future, but you guys truly make it worthwhile. I don't know about you, but when the going gets tough in regards to MohicanLand, I look to the Gathering Pages to get rejuvenated. Whether there in body or spirit, the Gatherers do me good!

: If we can do anything to help get rid of the negatives, please let us know. You know there are scores of us out here who would be willing to pitch in and help.

: :o)
: Chris

Dear Elaine and Rich,

Chris has put it so well - all I can say is, I second it and Amen!!
a) The Award - what an achievement, but so well deserved!!

b) The negative things, well, really awful but - if we can do anything to help, we would VERY willingly do so.

c) The Biltmore plans - they sound Great and we DO thank you for taking so much trouble to 'get it right' for the next Gathering!! We certainly appreciate the trouble you go to - you make the Gathering and Chimney Rock, a special place to be each June!!

d) .... bite my tongue here'. Gee, I hate it when people keep secrets!! I'm totally hopeless at waiting patiently for info and take my frustration out on my family!! They'll really appreciate it if we don't have to wait too long to get the 'gen'!! :0)

Finally, just want to say - memories and the pics of the Gathering are important to me too - I made so many GREAT friends and the time was very special!! Thinking of next year and the friends I will meet up with again and the friends I will make, is something wonderful to look forward to. And it's all your doing!! RICH AND ELAINE, TAKE A WELL DESERVED BOW!!!

Take care, people,

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