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Posted by Polly Anna on September 18, 1999 at 14:29:05:

Oh, yippeeeeee! While the rest of this crazy village were busy fallin' or jumpin' into the river, I've been busy whittling a hickory stand in anticipation of receivin' my new family member from MMMMarcia...and here it is!! Whooping Crane Air Express (Motto: When you hear 'em whoop, it's on your stoop!) has just delivered a big box, all punched full o' airholes, and emitting whistles and squawks to beat the band!

Let's just rip her open here...ooops! Gotta be careful with them pointy scissors! Yikes!! Somethin' INSIDE is helpin' with the rippin'! Whoa, that's a honkin' big ol' beak there, jabbin' back at me! Riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiippp!! *a flash of green and red appears and Polly Anna falls over backwards in her haste to get out of the way*

*Ack, SCREECH! Wolf whistle!...Big green bird flies straight to hickory perch & proceeds to preen himself, indignantly!*

Well, I guess he's alive and well...I'll just get up off the floor now, and approach him real careful-like, by way of introduction.
"Hello, pretty birdie...Polly want a cracker?"

"SCREEEEEEECH!! Squ'ark!! The name's BASIL, and I don't want no STEENKING cracker!! Squ'ark!! SCREEEEEEEEEECH!! BASIL wants grits 'n' grease! Grits 'n' grease, grits 'n' grease! Screeeech!"

Yow! What a racket!! Maybe I should have thought this parrot thing through a bit more thoroughly....


Okay, okay, hold yer feathers, there, bird! Better go find him some grits right now...and mebbe Miss Kate has some cotton batting handy I can use for earplugs for ME! Boy! Who'd a thought a little ol' parrot could be so NOISY!

"Here you go, Bird...I mean, Basil! Some nice grits for you!"

*Basil settles down to enjoy his meal, while keeping a wary eye trained on his new surroundings...thinking to his little birdie self, "...this ain't all bad...probably be some inter-ESTin' things happenin' around this burg!"

That seems to have done the trick! But I better make sure I have plenty of grits to keep him happy. Where's my shopping list? When are we gonna hear from the Dutch trader again? I'm really low on supplies and I don't want to rile the bird! Oh, dear...I hope I don't regret this impulsive acquisition...

Polly Anna

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