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Posted by Miss Gaylee Cooper on September 18, 1999 at 15:39:17:

In Reply to: Express Package! posted by Polly Anna on September 18, 1999 at 14:29:05:

: Oh, yippeeeeee! While the rest of this crazy village were busy fallin' or jumpin' into the river, I've been busy whittling a hickory stand in anticipation of receivin' my new family member from MMMMarcia...and here it is!! Whooping Crane Air Express (Motto: When you hear 'em whoop, it's on your stoop!) has just delivered a big box, all punched full o' airholes, and emitting whistles and squawks to beat the band!

: Let's just rip her open here...ooops! Gotta be careful with them pointy scissors! Yikes!! Somethin' INSIDE is helpin' with the rippin'! Whoa, that's a honkin' big ol' beak there, jabbin' back at me! Riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiippp!! *a flash of green and red appears and Polly Anna falls over backwards in her haste to get out of the way*

: *Ack, SCREECH! Wolf whistle!...Big green bird flies straight to hickory perch & proceeds to preen himself, indignantly!*

: Well, I guess he's alive and well...I'll just get up off the floor now, and approach him real careful-like, by way of introduction.
: "Hello, pretty birdie...Polly want a cracker?"

: "SCREEEEEEECH!! Squ'ark!! The name's BASIL, and I don't want no STEENKING cracker!! Squ'ark!! SCREEEEEEEEEECH!! BASIL wants grits 'n' grease! Grits 'n' grease, grits 'n' grease! Screeeech!"

: Yow! What a racket!! Maybe I should have thought this parrot thing through a bit more thoroughly....


: Okay, okay, hold yer feathers, there, bird! Better go find him some grits right now...and mebbe Miss Kate has some cotton batting handy I can use for earplugs for ME! Boy! Who'd a thought a little ol' parrot could be so NOISY!

: "Here you go, Bird...I mean, Basil! Some nice grits for you!"

: *Basil settles down to enjoy his meal, while keeping a wary eye trained on his new surroundings...thinking to his little birdie self, "...this ain't all bad...probably be some inter-ESTin' things happenin' around this burg!"

: That seems to have done the trick! But I better make sure I have plenty of grits to keep him happy. Where's my shopping list? When are we gonna hear from the Dutch trader again? I'm really low on supplies and I don't want to rile the bird! Oh, dear...I hope I don't regret this impulsive acquisition...

: Polly Anna

My Dear Polly Anna,

I hear Miss MMMarcia has just sent you the most lovely bird for a gift. Well, now aren't you a lucky girl! I hope you don't mind if I stop over on my way home from Sunday School tomorrow with my nephew Percival to admire the new acquisition. Little Percy is visiting for just a short while, and I have had such a difficult time keeping him amused. He's such an active little fellow. I know he will just love seeing your new parrot.

Miss Gaylee Cooper

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