Re: Visitor in Gnome An's Land

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Posted by GnomeDome a bit nettled on September 24, 1999 at 19:55:38:

In Reply to: Visitor in Gnome An's Land posted by Basil on September 24, 1999 at 19:40:04:

Phew! Thanks Basil! That cat had a Gnomete dinner on his mind.
Guess now I know what it feels like to have somebody lookin at me like I am invited for dinner, but not as the guest. Will pester you no more about being boiled, roasted, toasted, poached, baked,
saute'ed, stewed, blued or tatooed. Course, if you could only shut your beak once in a while with your blatherin it would make it easier to forget such extreme ways to get some peace and quiet around here.

Thanks again Basil *walks off toward home*

Hmmm. What's all that ruckus behind me. Wait! Hey! What the same hill.......what is WRONG with those folks. Do they need
some of Ben Franklins new spectacles invention? Jeez. *takes off running*

Stop! It's me! IT'S ME THE GNOME!

Ah for pete's sake.....hey I ain't no dang codfish to be netted so. Lemme outta here! Damit! Let me outta here you'uns *$(#$)(
&(&*$#@ !!!!!!

Don't walk away now! HEY! I don't wanna hang in this here tree all night! Come back! Ah sheesh. There they go headed toward Bumpo's and you know what THAT means. They'll be in there all dang night getting stinko. Won't be worth much in the morning either.

Hey! Basil................think you could use that sharp beak of yours one more time? If you get me outta here I'll go home and bake you some nice fresh fragrant gingerbread crackers.......

*struggling for all he is worth and spouting more of them words than a drunken sailor from Hades*

Nettled Gnome

: {Well, here sits me and my Person, Polly Anna, on the front porch for a bit of air this evening, and it's pleasant out here, if I do say so, myself, and I do. Polly Anna's rockin' and knittin' over there, and the first whipperwill of the evenin' is callin'...yep, The Parrotmaster of Life can be good! But, wait...what's that I see out there in the gatherin' shadows...that silly GnomeDome racing along, and...holy moly!...he's bein' chased by a...a...

: "SCREEEEEEEEEEEEEECH!! Intruder alert! Intruder alert!! Gnome in trouble! Hurry, hurry! Gnome in trouble! Get the gun! Get a net! Painterpainterpainterpainter!! BIG Painter chasing little gnome! SCREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEECH! Squ'ark-squ'ark!!"

: {Oh, for goodness sake. Polly Anna throws her hands up in the air and her knittin' down on the floor and runs for cover! Guess I'll have to handle this one myself, in spite of all the trouble that gnome has caused me...plannin' recipes for green chicken soup and spreadin' malicious stories about my relationship with my new Person, an' all! He's a real pest, but I can't let him get ET!}

: *flap-flap, whirr-whirr, zip, zooooooooooooooom, flap-flap*

: {I'll just fly up high-like to a pretty good altitude, and then I'll put the old dive-bomber ploy into action!}


: "SCREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEECH! Take THAT, you ol' wildcat! Here's a dive at your head, and another swoop at your tail, and a big old bite on your ear!"

: {hehe...lookit at him run! Headin' the other way now, ain't he? I think I may have finished off the ear that old hound Hector missed! I'll just sail on back to my perch now. And GnomeDome will live to pester me another day, I guess.}

: "Squ'ark! All clear here. All clear here. Squ'ark. Basil's such a good bird. Good, good Basil! Squ'ark!"

: {My work here is done.}

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