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Posted by Jo on September 28, 1999 at 02:09:56:

In Reply to: Re: In the Name of the Father and Age of Innocence posted by MMMMarcia on September 27, 1999 at 15:17:52:

: Dana wrote:
: : OK, MMMMarcia. I had a lazy Sunday and watched two more DDL films. They were both remarkable. I've never accually 'studied' an actor before, and it has been fun.

: : In all the films so far, that "I'm lookin' at you, Miss" smile(my favorite)makes an appearance. That's where any resemlance in DDL's characters ends as far as looks are concerned. It's amazing!

: : The Age of Innocence was really wierd. The imagery was
: : very 'sharp'. Sharp cigar clippers(whatever those things are called), sharp pens, and sharp hat pins. The scene where Newland's wife hugs him while holding a hat pin gave me the willies. It was all fasinating, though.

: : I really liked In the Name of the Father. I'm going to watch it again this evening. I didn't catch the father character's name...he broke my heart.

: : Well, MMMMarcia, that's five down. I can't wait to discuss these at G2K.

: >>Good for you, Dana! Those two are particularly appealing films to me, the one for the beauty of the camera work and passion of the repressed suffering, and the other for the sheer drama of such a story, made even more dramatic by the fact that it's TRUE. Did you notice, BTW, that Pete Postlethwaite, who plays Jerry Conlan's father in "Father" is the same actor who arrests Hawkeye in LOTM? He pops up nicely in DDL's films from time to time, as they are friends, I believe. There is some info on that here on the site, somewhere. (Jo? Rich? Help me out, here).

: : BTW, is it my imagination, or do all these films (LOTM,Boxer,Age, Name of the Father, and even Bounty)have a "please leave me out of your rebellion" theme in common?

: >>Ooooooh...INTERESTING observation! I must think on this one for a bit! I'd say in the examples you've mentioned, that is very true. And also in The Crucible ("please leave me out of your WITCHHUNT"). Definitely it would apply to his character in The Incredible Lightness of Being, as he didn't want to do anything but make love, and there was a war starting. But I have to think about My Left Foot and Room With a View.

: I think it's safe to conclude that it is a recurrent theme throughout a LOT of his work, though. Hmmmmmm. Very interesting, as I said.

: Yes, that wonderful smile does show up, but other than that, it's hard to believe it's the same actor, isn't it? Wait until you see Left Foot & will truly be astonished.

: Thanks for giving me something to ponder! And keep up the viewing. You and I will have a Dan the Man conferance at the Gathering!! ;o)



How can I refuse to help someone who will so thoughtfully track down bed and board for the third Gathering...such a much little time...

Our old friend Neuromancer started a great ball of threads on Pete Postlethwaite back in the 1997 Archieves of the board; at 15:50:18 on 11/03/97. And as Rich had pointed out at that time; there are also a few lines about their friendship in the "Even More Mohican Musings" under "A Few Bits and Pieces" contributed by Marie Faure. Very interesting reading.

However, Marcia, you always forget to mention DDL's movie "My Favorite Launderette". Now, Dana, if you want to see a really interesting performance by DDL, there's the pic.


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