Have I Got A Non-Fiction Story To Tell!!! ... Part One

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Posted by Elaine on October 01, 1999 at 11:12:48:

In light of the most recent accusations, plots, & devious behaviour
carried out & displayed by a certain group of individuals we are now forced to take legal action. We have tried everything under the sun to get these 'no good doers' to cease their reprehensible attacks & to shut them up once & for all. Apparently they are totally void of conscience, grace, honesty, ethics, sense of shame, or concern of guilt. They feel quite empowered by their association with a certain individual who has her own axe to grind.

Many of you are undoubtedly of the opinion that we should either ignore these people who are in & of themselves insignificant, or that we should avoid further public discussion on this. The problem is that we've been there, done that & we are right where we started. This will never stop until these people are forced to be held accountable for their relentless conspiracy against us. Only then will they be no longer empowered. We have ignored way too much. We have avoided posting way too much information. And the thing is, they have counted on us showing restraint because they KNOW we are decent & it is very hard to go for the jugular. No more.

The last week has cost me a lot. The last year & 1/2 has cost us even more. These people will held responsible for the grief they have caused. I have thought a lot about this situation & have wondered whether or not it is best to ignore them or to keep their dirty deeds in the light for all to see.

Yes, the person who said you can't "fight insanity with sanity" or "reason with the unreasonable" is correct. But this is not some "petty" or "trivial" thing we've undergone. It has COST us in more ways than anyone can imagine! My kids have suffered tremendously from this never ending BS. My daughter was born 4 weeks early because of the constant aggravation & stress we've been under. I can enumerate many painful consequences of these sick schemes. And, in time, I will.

The point is not that certain attention hungry, Eric hungry "ladies" do not like us. That doesn't mean ANYTHING at all. Calling us neanderthals or egotists or whatever else their little minds can manage to grasp doesn't matter. It is the repeated rip offs, the repeated libelous statements, the non-stop plots to undermine our credibility, our business, & our relationships with other people that matter.

Ignoring it won't do anything at all. They are continuing the lies & the twisted plots even now.

So, for those who haven't the stomach for "controversy" or COLD, HARD FACTS - I can only advise you to not read my "non-fiction story" as it gets posted here ... bit by bit, day by day. It is necessary to do this. Much of what I have to say will surprise many who thought they were scheming totally behind closed doors unbeknownst to me. Their words & dark deeds have been known to me for a long time.

This little "story" started way back when we INNOCENTLY offered to help Eric Schweig market his carvings on our site. Boy! If we only knew what this simple agreement would bring about.

It is due to the recent allegations that we have trashed "native organizations" & the THREAT to slander & libel us to various "native organizations" & to seek MONEY from us that I have decided to publicize this ring & its plots.

I've really had enough. Today, for the first time in over a week, I am not even angry. I am as disgusted as ever, but I'm not angry. I'm simply going to force accountability in every way I know how.

What brought this latest assault upon us was an idea to assist BC carvers in obtaining much needed wood. For those of you who don't know, there are many, many First Nations carvers living in BC. For these people, carving is their only means of livelihood. However, the vast tracts of old growth timber in the region is owned by a large lumber company. I have had conversations with Mr. Eric Schweig about this situation & as a result, thought it'd be a good thing to seek volunteers from among his fan base to organize a respectful, positive group effort to approach this lumber company with a proposal concerning these carvers. This "campaign" has nothing at all to do with money or donations AT ALL! It involves the cooperation of people concerned only with helping people in some small way who are willing to volunteer their time to do so. In short, it is a GOOD thing. However, this somehow riled certain folks enough that they set out to turn this inside out. Some have even spread the rumor that I was attaching Eric's name to a charity!!!! Ha!

I will continue this at my own pace, on my own good time. Maybe later today, maybe tomorrow. Whenever I feel so inclined. I will no longer react to these dirty deeds & lies on their schedule, nor will I allow these people (and I DON'T "use the term loosely" for they are people, no matter how sick they are) to create & manufacture diversionary "issues."

I have things I need to do. I have missed several craft shows because of this crap & have consequently lost money. Despite the oft repeated misrepresentation that we are a "money hungry company" - the truth is, we are a family with 8 children who are barely getting by. These people will no longer interfere with our efforts to support ourselves & they will no longer interfere with our lives.

Anyone interested in the legal costs involved, feel free to contact us privately. Our lawyer ain't cheap - he's a specialist!!!

Until next time ...

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