A better late Than Never Update!

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Posted by Rich/Mohican Press on October 06, 1999 at 06:15:57:

Morning, All!

I had an update all ready to go on Sunday; was just one mouse click away from posting it ... found it TOO depressing & negative & chucked it ...

Here are bits & pieces from it:

I have to say, this past week was one of my most enjoyable ever at work! It was great to
with real people, be friendly, laugh & joke ... be MYSELF! I thoroughly enjoyed the
interaction with normal people, in contrast to the BS we experienced here, especially on
Tuesday! I have come, at times, to dread what I used to love ... logging on to the Internet.

We have signed the contract with The Biltmore Estate and that will be the second day of
2000 Gathering ... please see our Gathering Pages for all the details! We are very pleased
with the package Biltmore has customized for us. It figures to be a fun & unique day!

Very soon, we will have a great new addition to our Web Site, courtesy of Sarah Melcher
a fascinating look into the music of LOTM. Real nice job! We hope to have it up on the
within 3 weeks. Thanks Sarah for the donation, and all the time & effort you put into it!

A positive message we received ...

"you are 'good' to communicate with, you are friendly in every sense of the word, you are
sensitive to native issues. i have come across so many people/websites that mean well but
they take the native 'whatever' and make it theirs and twist it until it's not native but a
bastardization of what is native. and these people are upset when native people point this
out. but i haven't found this with mohican press. thank you very much for that." ... excerpted & kept anonymous to prevent the sender from being drawn into this. It was totally unsolicited & was received this past Friday. I'm not even sure the person is aware of all the hulabaloo here ... The only thing I can say is that the person is VERY much "native."

Possible History Channel viewing this month:

Wednesday -- 10/06/1999
8:00/5:00 The Strange Disappearance of the Anasazi. 19th century
explorers in the American southwest encountered the ruins of a vanished
civilization that spread across Colorado, Utah, New Mexico, and Arizona.
Why were these spectacular cities abandoned? Where had the inhabitants
gone? Modern anthropologists hint at a disturbing past in contrast with
earlier peaceful perceptions. (cc) [TV G]

Thursday -- 10/07/1999
8:00/5:00 Lost Colony of Roanoke. In 1590, the governor of Roanoke
returned from England to its first New World colony to find all 117
settlers missing. The only clues: five chests of books and papers buried
in the sand, and the word "Croatoan", a Native-American village to the
south, carved on a post. Archaeologists search for the fate of the
island's colonists. (cc) [TV G]

9:00/6:00 Haunted History. San Antonio. San Antonio--birthplace of
Texas, home of the Alamo, and some say fertile ground for spawning
ghosts! In 1836, the Alamo heroes returned for one last stand. The
beautiful Sallie White, gunned down in 1876, wanders hotel hallways. The
flirtatious ghost of a actress haunts the Alamo Theatre. Tall Texan
tales? You decide! (cc) [TV G]

So, one day, this woman comes in to sign for a certified piece of mail. She signed her
"Mary Long." I looked up. I looked back down at the little piece of paper. No "Dr."
the name. I looked up again. I saw a middle-aged, out of shape woman. Short greying
She had no demented, smirk on her face. I didn't think I knew this woman. As she walked
away, I looked her over. No whip. No signs of saran wrap. The image before me was not
all like the portrait we have on the Doctor Mary pages. It couldn't have been, yet ... I

Ah well ...

Happy Trails!

PS - This just in, for the interested. According to the writer, kind of out of the loop as these things go, the issue of Ladies Home Journal that has an article in it about film locations, and talks of this Web Site, is to hit the stands next week. It is possible that it didn't make it in that issue, though the writer didn't hear otherwise, so LOOK before you BUY ... unless, of course, you LIKE Ladies Home Journal! :)

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