Re: Come Back DDL - All Is Forgiven!!

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Posted by Jo on November 04, 1999 at 09:15:40:

In Reply to: Re: Come Back DDL - All Is Forgiven!! posted by Doc M on November 04, 1999 at 08:54:30:

: : : : : Hi, Kate and Bill,

: : : : : I LOVED watching Fess Parker and Ed What's-his-name in Daniel Boone. I had the biggest crush on Fess in the fourth grade. You're right,Bill. Those shows did spark my interest in things colonial. " Daniel Boone was a maaaan, yes a biiiiig man. With an eye like an eagle, and as tall as a mountain was heeeeee."

: : : : : Dana S

: : : : _______________

: : : : thanks, Dana,
: : : : all these years and I thought it was "Tall as a mountain breeze"
: : : : of course I never gave it much thought as to how it made no sense...another childhood illusion shattered...
: : : : but then, am I remembering Davy Crockett, "king of the wild frontier"?...DDL, watch out...

: : : : Jo

: : : Don't get Doctor M started! Four words for you...Wagon Train --
: : : Robert Horton!!! Not only did he ride a super cool horse, but
: : : he always wore buckskins, and was always wandering around
: : : getting captured by Indians and getting tied up to a
: : : lodge pole with his shirt off! Woo! Woo! He was the genesis
: : : of my long fondness for men in leather!

: : : Doc M

: : ________

: : Ohhh, Dr. M,
: : I am tooo busy laughing; I don't think we missed any of Ward Bond going in circles on the back lot of MGM or whatever studios they filmed Wagon Train...maybe that's why the Sweetsers' four are (latent) LOTM lovers....
: : I can just remember that "scout" (my tie-in to LOTM so I don't get my hand slapped)(or banished off to the archieves..)that wasn't in every epsiode; must have been off "hunting" the trail...(probably the 405 into central LA...); or now I know; tied to every tree so Dr. M can teach him new scouting techniques...
: : And didn't they have that silly cook (Cookie??? or was that Rawhide...??)(Jingles???) always getting into some mayhem or other....I can remember the coffee that got always thrown out onto the fire....(I would never throw out my coffee for anything....)!!!!!

: :
: : Jo

: Of course! It was the law that every TV western had to
: have at least one silly cook! "Oooo, Misser Cartlight!
: Little Joe fell out of hayloft on head again!" When
: Doctor M was a tot she got into trouble for referring
: to her long-suffering mother as "Hop Sing." Let's see--
: on Wagon Train he was Charlie, and on Rawhide he was
: Wishbone. Doctor Mary was so enamored of Wagon Train
: that for Christmas one year she got one of those playsets
: with all the little horses and wagons and people -- and
: best of all, a little plastic Flint McCullough figure
: on a horse! Flint had a grisly demise, though -- he
: was decapitated by the family cocker spaniel. Men! They
: always leave!

: Doc M


Still laughing,
(However, one does show their ages if they can remember all of the details of these old sitcoms......)
Too bad about...Flint??? Probably off scouting a new trail away from a young, newly experimenting Doc M when he ran into the family dog...(well, he could never find the trail to California for years and years, so this is no surprise....)


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