Re: Come Back DDL - All Is Forgiven!! and Jeez!

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Posted by Bill R on November 04, 1999 at 10:52:53:

In Reply to: Re: Come Back DDL - All Is Forgiven!! posted by Dana S. on November 04, 1999 at 08:07:16:

: : : : : : : Hi Everyone,

: : : : : : : Are you finding the days getting shorter, the weather colder and it's harder to find something to laugh about? Well - I suggest you run down to your nearest 'Blockbuster' and take out 'Last of the Mohicans' - the 1936 version, starring Randolf Scott as Hawkeye!! I just caught the last half hour of it on TV (forgot it was coming on). So, how would I describe it? In two words:

: : : : : : : 'Oh dear!'

: : : : : : : To be honest, I can't remember when I laughed so much!!

: : : : : : : Still laughing just thinking about it! :0)))
: : : : : : : Kate.

: : : : : : Hey Kate com'on. I loved that movie. Also Northwest Passage with Spencer Tracy. You have to remember that for many of us that WAS the LOTM movie for many years, and we grew up watching it and loving it cause there was nothing else for comparison.

: : : : : : Same with the old Northwest Passage. Sure, filled with inaccuracies and hokey interpersonal relationships, but to watch and they DID spark a whole generation's interest in things early american and colonial. Many of the reenactors out there today grew up with movies like we laugh at today.

: : : : : : Look at the Humphrey Bogart and Peter Lorrey movies. Have you ever seen a hokier badman than Peter Lorrey or a more comical hero than Bogart in some of his movies. Yet. Loved by many for what they were.

: : : : : : Bill R

: : : : : : Bill R

: : : : : ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

: : : : : Hi Bill!

: : : : : Yes - you are absolutely right!! It WAS good back then! And quite rightly, introduced many of us to a world we couldn't even imagine - that of the American/Canadian frontier! I too remember racing home from wherever I was to be parked in front of the TV for 'Hawkeye' with Fess Parker!! Adventure? Excitement? It had it all!! Ditto 'Northwest Passage'!! (But of course, they were 're-runs' by the time I saw them!! :0) )

: : : : : Oh, those were the days, my friend!! But it was STILL funny, seeing it again! :0)

: : : : : Best wishes,
: : : : : Kate.

: : : :
: : : : ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

: : : : Hi, Kate and Bill,

: : : : I LOVED watching Fess Parker and Ed What's-his-name in Daniel Boone. I had the biggest crush on Fess in the fourth grade. You're right,Bill. Those shows did spark my interest in things colonial. " Daniel Boone was a maaaan, yes a biiiiig man. With an eye like an eagle, and as tall as a mountain was heeeeee."

: : : : Dana S

: : : _______________

: : : thanks, Dana,
: : : all these years and I thought it was "Tall as a mountain breeze"
: : : of course I never gave it much thought as to how it made no sense...another childhood illusion shattered...
: : : but then, am I remembering Davy Crockett, "king of the wild frontier"?...DDL, watch out...

: : : Jo

: : Don't get Doctor M started! Four words for you...Wagon Train --
: : Robert Horton!!! Not only did he ride a super cool horse, but
: : he always wore buckskins, and was always wandering around
: : getting captured by Indians and getting tied up to a
: : lodge pole with his shirt off! Woo! Woo! He was the genesis
: : of my long fondness for men in leather!

: : Doc M

: OMG!! Are you talking about "Flint"? What a dream!! Another crush in the fourth grade. What was his last name in Wagon Train? McCulla or something? Wagons, hooooooo!

: Dana S

Holy Molie Andy, look what I started. Jeez. Didnt know there were so many old geeks in the village. Thought I was the oldest. Well no, that wouldnt be true, as the gnome is 325 years old next month. Still a young man as gnomes go.

I remember all of those. I didnt miss an episode if I could help it. My favorites were still Fess Parker, Spencer Tracy, and Oh! Oh! Yeah, the Unconquered with Gary Cooper. If you want a REAL about Boris Karlof as Guyasuta the Indian Chief????
Oh, I have watched all of them whenever I could.

Philosophical thought here. Those movies and TV shows made us what we are. Maybe there is something to the theory that our kids act out what we present to them on TV and in movies. It seems to be the thing nowadays to glorify gang bangers, ghettos, and senseless killing. While we were being brought up on hokey movies and TV shows with the good vs evil twist, with good winning out, they are brought up on shows with very little point at all except gratuitous sex, violence, and blood. Hmmmmm.

Maybe we shouldnt ban all guns. Maybe we should banish from the soundstage all those jerks making money from this trash and presenting our kids with the idea any of that sordidness is thrilling or commonplace.

Oops. I got up on that soapbox again. Sorry. My mind rambles.

But jeez, look what I started. I am surprised to find nobody making the connection that Doc Mary's fav shows all have whips!!!


Bill R

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