Re: Come Back DDL - All Is Forgiven!! and Little Joe Strikes Again!

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Posted by Doc M on November 09, 1999 at 07:58:27:

In Reply to: Re: Come Back DDL - All Is Forgiven!! and Little Joe Strikes Again! posted by Jo on November 07, 1999 at 22:54:04:

: : Doc M writes:
: : : Well it wasn't only Little Joe who possessed the gift of
: : : cataclysmal canoodling as I recall. Anything with an XX
: : : chromosome that locked lips with any member of the Cartwright
: : : Clan had only 45 minutes to live.

: : >>SEW true, Doc! I even think I remember Pa having a doomed relationship or two! hehe

: : :Either that or they were
: : : exposed as a divorcee or slut or sometimes both.

: :
: : >>Yes, some shady character from their wicked past would show up and expose them for the shameless harlots they really were! Just out to get their hands on that ranch and some of Hop Sing's cooking, no doubt!

: : :Or they
: : : "moved to San Francisco" which I always took to be a
: : : polite when your Mom would tell you
: : : that "Fluffy went to live in the country." Uh huh.

: : hehehaha!!

: : : Now Little Joe was ok, but I couldn't look at him without
: : : thinking of "I Was A Teenaged Werewolf." I mean the hair
: : : on that man! I think he sold the excess off to mattress
: : : factories!

: : He WAS a tad hirsute, but still pretty cute, if you like those boyish types. I followed him right over onto Little House on the Prairie...but I drew the line at that angel show.

: : :Let us instead talk of Adam -- dark, dangerous,
: : : surly, possessing a continual five o' clock shadow. Didn't
: : : he also "move to San Francisco" after he asked for more
: : : money and they threw him off the show?

: : Well...I reckon if you didn't like hair, Adam WAS the man for you...especially since even the little that he had on the show turned out to be a "piece." He was too sinister looking for me. I even liked Hoss better! What a goofy-but-lovable guy he was! And now that you mention it...I think Adam DID move to San Francisco....hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm....???? Maybe he's got a townhouse somewhere with Fluffy? Serves him right after masquerading as Trapper John for awhile!! We all know who the REAL Trapper John was, don't we?? Yeah, ol' What's His Name who left MASH and moved to San Francisco, too! Must be a whole ENCLAVE of Past-Their-Prime actors and Over-the-Hill kitty cats living out there!

: : MMMM
: :

: _________

: You know, thinking about Little Joe and his hopeless brothers; (boy have I had a slooooow week; where is this DVD version...)
: the thing I could NEVER get past is the 3 grown men asking "Pa, Pa, what are we gonna to do now Pa".... they were always going back to Pa and asking advice; and these guys were not teenagers....

: The other program we watched all the time was Maverick...

: Marcia help me out here; never could figure out the lyrics:
: Nanashuts New Orleans, living on Jacks and Queens,
: Maverick is the legend of the West...

: (boy, lots of legends in the West....)

: Ok, what was that word (as I am obviously lacking in the understanding department when it comes to TV lyrics...maybe it was our family TV's speakers.....I'll talk to my Dad) Nanashuts???

: Jo
: (Don't make westerns like they used to!!!!)
: And this has nothing to do with LOTM, so Rich give the post a day or two for the Trivia Queen to give me the answer...)

You think the Bonanza sons were a tad strange? How about
Timmy on Lassie who lived on his farm for any number
of years, but kept falling down the well or getting lost
in the woods? Even as a kid I wondered why Lassie just
didn't look at him and think to herself, "Oh **** it!
Let the little bugger drown! Now where the hell is my
chewie bone??"

Now why, I wonder, do a great number of us look back
so fondly on these shows? Perhaps it has to do with
the headline Doctor M read in the TV section of the
paper this morning... " New animated show about guys
on road promises puppet sex!" Now there's something
to look forward to! Back to the past! Chaaaarge!!!

Doc M

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