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Posted by Jo on November 11, 1999 at 20:56:57:

In Reply to: Re: How Fun!!! posted by Gayle on November 11, 1999 at 19:10:17:

: : : : Hey all!!
: : : : I happened to come across the website a couple of weeks ago and I must say that I'm very impressed!! Well done to the web authors!!
: : : : I haven't had a chance to read all the comments but I do have a question one of you all-knowing mohican land people might be able to answer. It's actually such a minor little detail but I'm curious about the braid in Alice's hair after the waterfall scene. It wasn't there before her interlude with Uncas and though that whole section was cut out of the movie I still wonder about its significance. Maybe it signified their relationship? I'm just wondering what your take is on it. Hopefully, the DVD version will clarify. I'm having a great time exploring this site and I LOVE the music musings!!

: : : : Tammy

: : : Hi Tammy --
: : : Welcome to the site! Glad you could join us. I too noticed the braid, but only recently. I'm one of the one's who is a bigger fan of the Uncas-Alice relationship than the Cora-Hawkeye relationship, so I find that hair style fascinating (have you seen the way Uncas holds Alice's arm and watches her as they approach the Fort in the dark? I love that little touch!). Anyway, essentially, the hairdo came along when he braided his the same way, so there is something in the timing of it. MY theory is that we won't see it in the DVD because I can't image a scene of him braiding her hair or her braiding her hair to match his, but that it was some behind-the-scenes thing, sort of like reading between the lines of a good book. BUT, maybe I'll be proved wrong in a few days time and we WILL get to see what happened, but I just don't expect it.

: : : Also, thanks very much for the comment on the Musical Musings. I hope it helps your Viewing Pleasure! :>)

: : : Cheers,
: : : Sarah M.

: : _____

: : Welcome, Tammy,
: : Am glad you enjoy the site; good to read your post....

: : However, Miss Sarah MM....(Music M.)(totally great pages!) the braid on Uncas was there before the cave scene, and quite obviously, in the scene when they came upon Cameron's cabin after the war party...when Uncas reaches down to touch Alexandra, his braid is in full view....
: : But Sarah is right about previous posts; (of which have eluded me so far...will find them eventually) that Alice's braid was some kind of solidarity between her and Uncas after the cave.

: : Or, it could be; as the makeup people and I assume, this means the hairdressing people, left the set before the movie was completed; maybe they just plopped the wrong hair style on her...
: : but that is not as romantic...I vote for Sarah's view of it!

: : Jo

: If you were going through what Alice was going through, it's doubtful your long hair would stay charmingly pinned and coiled. I am inclined to think Alice had a lucid moment in which she decided to get practical and get it out of her way rather than contend with it catching on branches and hanging wet and dank in her face. A braid was a simple and efficient expedient. Cora would have been a lot more comfortable if she had followed suit, but wouldn't have looked nearly as romantic, of course. My question is, what did Alice tie her braid with to keep it from coming undone?

: Gayle


Oh, Gayle,
Of course, Uncas, in his spare time, between fighting the enemy and helping Alice along every step....killed a deer, skinned it and took out the sinew...dried it, and presented it to Alice to keep her lone small braid in place.....
I could fill you in on all of the mundane details but am tring to catch up to Chapter 7 on the Deerslayer book......


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