Re: The Deerslayer - Order In The Classroom! - Please Miss I Gotta Leave The Room - For A Week!

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Posted by Kate on November 14, 1999 at 21:38:53:

In Reply to: Re: The Deerslayer - Order In The Classroom! posted by Gayle on November 14, 1999 at 18:25:29:

: : : : : A good Custer book??? Hey, I'm still slogging through "Deerslayer" (oh, oh, ducking so that Gayle doesn't fling her bees at me....)

: : : : (TPFKA) Jo

: : : : Dear Jo,

: : : : Not to worry. Can't fling bees at you. They started to get a little rambunctious, so I closed them all in the hive and told them they couldn't come out until they had read the first 15 chapters of "The Deerslayer" as a calming exercise. I haven't heard from them since, and it's been a week now. Strange snoring sounds coming from the hive on occasion, but otherwise it's very peaceful.

: : : : Gayle

: : : ______________

: : : Hey, Gayle..
: : : I'm sitting very very far away from the nearest wall; and have made it through several chapters of Deerslayer....and; dare I say it....oh, the wall is shuddering...I am enjoying it....

: : : Still slogging through it...

: : : thanks for all of your good words about Cooper...
: : : (TPFKA) Jo

: : : Dear Jo,

: : : Glad to hear you're still slogging through. Maybe before I go spewing more good words about Cooper for the edification of the Mohicanland Book Club (Cooper Branch), we should tell each other where we all are in the story at this point. How about if each person gives a short recap of what they have read so far, so we all land in the same place?
: : : And what do you THINK is going to happen to the various characters?

: : : Gayle

: : Hi,Gayle

: : I think I missed some info along the way. I have read through Ch. 3 of Deerslayer but will continue on. I also read through Ch. 3 of Res. Blues. Is the discussion on hold for that one? (Somehow I had the idea that the discussion was going to go back and forth with the two books.) Can you clue me in? Thanks.
: : Jayne

: Dear Jayne, Chris, Dana, Jo, Kate and All Lurkers (we know you're out there)

: See? It was a good idea to start checking out the moccasin prints. Helps to do that now and then, since keeping everybody on the same trail in Mohicanland is akin to trying to herd cats. ;o)

: Well, yes the next signpost was to be the point at which Deerslayer won his new name and became Hawkeye, and that would take you all the way through Chapter VIII. We've got 'til Saturday to get together on it, since this week was supposed to be devoted to getting the Sherman Alexie Branch of the Book Club going. I just come in now and then with an idea to keep you provided with some discussion thoughts to bounce off while you work your way through. For those who are still trying to catch up to the faster readers, it might help them along, too, to throw in our thoughts and impressions, so they know where we're going. Doesn't hurt for each of us to send up a smoke signal now and then just to make sure we're all still in sight of the camp.

: By Saturday, we all will have met all the characters except Chingachgook and Wah ta Wah, and have some idea of the part each one may play in contributing to the general havoc that develops on the lake. I was just curious about how you all see each of the characters and what you think, at this point, might happen - or what you would LIKE to happen. First impressions are interesting to look back on as the story unfolds.

: Gayle


Please Miss,

May I be excused? I gotta leave the room - for a week! I'm off to Toronto for a week, in a couple of days. I promise I will take the book and read it on the plane, and read it over breakfasts and read it last thing at night and read it ...

Seriously, I will do my best to read what I can before I go and when I get back and will jump in to the discussion again when I can. I look forward to reading all the comments when I get back!! (Unless this is 'Sherman Alexie week' which is how I thought it was to be done too. However, I am notorious for picking things up wrongly so - it is quite on the cards that that was NOT the way of it!)

Anyway, I will keep on reading - but I thought I would just explain my 'non-appearance' in the 'classroom' for awhile.

Take care, all and - happy reading!

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