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Posted by MMMMarcia on November 18, 1999 at 09:57:52:

In Reply to: Re: Historic Landmarks posted by NightSky on November 18, 1999 at 09:18:08:

Hi, Night Sky:

You wrote: My husband says he's going to be buried on the mountain overlooking our farm. I told him if that was the case, he didn't want someone coming along in a hundred years digging him up to see what treasures may be buried with him. That's been my argument all along for leaving the mound alone. Above and beyond anything else, it is the last resting place of someone that was loved, either by their mother, wife, child, or brother. We have no right to disturb that, no matter how curious we are.

>>And a convincing argument it is. I am always torn between wanting to learn more about early peoples and not wanting to desecrate ANYONE's resting place. I take it you are sure that the mound is a burial mound, rather than a midden?

:I will admit that after every big flood (and we have about 4 a year), I'll go out to see if there was any erosion on the mound and see what's sticking out. We've found two pottery shards and a striking flint so far.

>>That sounds like it could be a midden mound, and thus not sacred at all. Most of the mounds along the Wekiva River in my area are middens, as the stream was a "summer camp" type of place, and the mounds are basically garbage dumps. No burials at all. Though I'd still not want to tear up the beautiful land, were I lucky enough to be living where you are. You are being very protective of the land, and that's a pleasure to see. So many people don't care how badly they trash a place.

: And yes, I'd love to know too, but what comes around, goes around, and it's more important for me to envision my own eventual peace (in the distant future I hope!).

>>Yes, no one wants to think a bunch of scientists will go poking around and disturb their eternal rest! ;o) I can certainly understand your feelings in this matter, completely.

: Morabs are a cross between Morgans and Arabians.

>>Ah-HA! I should have guessed!

:They have their own registry, as they have been a very successful cross. If you're into Colonial history at all, the Morgan horse is absolutely fastinating. It's the only breed in history all descended from one horse, who was given to a school teacher in Vermont in the 1700's to pay a debt. It was the first true American breed, and is currently being considered for the Vermont quarter which will be released in late 2000. Our Charlie was much more representative of the Morgan breed than the Arabian. He stood 4" shorter than the measurement for pony, but could carry anyone who chose to ride him - and with enthusiasm! The first Morgan, Figure, was famous throughout New England as he could out race a Thouroughbred, out pull a draft horse, yet was gentle enough for the smallest child, and himself stood only pony size. They plowed with him in the morning, bred him to a mare in the afternoon, then rode him to church that night. Truely an amazing animal, that passed all these wonderful qualities on to his offspring to the extent that his decendants today are known as the best all around horse in the world.

>>I'm familiar with Morgans, and remember reading a book about the first one when I was a youngster. Fascinating little animal! And I'm told the breed is wonderful. Though I've never owned a horse, myself, I've always been interested in them, and most other animals, and admire their grace and beauty, tremendously. Lucky you to live with these wonderful creatures.

: Sorry, didn't mean to write a book, but there are so many small pockets of amazing storys about this country. My kids will actually tell me 'never mind, I don't want to learn anything today.' I guess if you ask me a question, I tend to give more of an answer than you expected (or wanted).

>>Around here, you probably can't give TOO much information. We are a curious bunch in Mohicanland! ;o)

Thanks for all the info. I've learned something new again today because of it!


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