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Posted by Bruce on November 23, 1999 at 23:18:29:

In Reply to: Re: REVIEW ALERT! And one other thing... posted by MMMMarcia on November 23, 1999 at 22:16:47:

What he is referring to is that you can select between Dolby Digital 5.1 (5 separate channels, right front, center, left front, right rear, left rear, and the .1 which is the low effects channel, which usually goes to the sub-woofer.) or you can choose 2 channel sound, which can be decoded by the more (at least for now) prevalent Dolby Surround. The Dolby Digital is head and shoulders better. You should be able to make this selection in the menu portion of the DVD, and wwill probably like it much better. The scenes as the fort is bombed should be awesome if you have the right set-up. I will be dusting the china (sonically).

Great site, I have been lurking here every once in a while for about eight months, and like most can recite the movie line for line. I have enjoyed the Laserdisc version for going on 6 years now, and will pick up the DVD first chance I get.

I happen to have a part time job at Blockbuster, and one of the perks is getting to see the upcoming releases (including older movies being re-released) a week in advance. (for example, I could have picked up Wild Wild West tonight, it will be released to the public next Tuesday) This is so we can get an idea of what the movie is like so when customers ask we can give a informed decision. I was hoping I could get my hands on LOTM a week early, and scoop everyone, but it did not come in. Oh well.

: I just read the review Mike linked to in an earlier post, and apparently you can set the level of the sound on DVDs differently. It may be that the sound was SO disappointing to me on this first viewing because we are not familiar with how to do that, or even if it's an option on our rented player. The reviewer briefly mentioned that the sound was wonderful at 5.0 (or something like that) and not so good set at English 2-something or other, which might be what ours was set at. So, if I watch this on a better player with proper settings, it might sound a lot different. More food for thought.

: As for the rest of his review, it was obvious that he wouldn't notice a lot of the little changes that most of us here would. He did make some interesting comments about the "running," and there IS a bit more of that, but mostly only in the scene where Clannad's song was cut. Less sound, more running. Also a sunset scene of the captives being led in the near dark, and Hawkeye running into the night. It goes by pretty quickly, though.


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