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Posted by Bill R on November 24, 1999 at 08:48:03:

In Reply to: Re: more 'Read at Your Own Risk' stuff posted by MMMMarcia on November 24, 1999 at 05:46:08:

: Myrrh writes:
: : What I CAN'T handle is the Clannad music being gone...what was he thinking??!...

: >>Ya got me! It would not have had any effect on the length of the film, since he added running scenes there, anyway. I think it was a BAD choice.

: :and the DELETION of those two lines you mentioned ("serious disagreement" and "nothing better to do on the lake today"), which are two of my FAVORITE lines, right up there with "I ain't your damn scout...Clear it up any?"

: >>I agree. Such wonderful expressions on Hawkeye's face, ESPECIALLY in the "serious disagreement" scene. And that one, in particular, is such a nice bit of foreshadowing, considering the "disagreement" they finally have at the Huron village.
: : And I am miffed that there's no explanation about the wound which will seep but then draw. Harumph!

: >>I was looking forward to that, too.

: : I don't know how I'll feel about hearing Chingachgook make a speech at the end, but I have a question: does Hawkeye actually ask Cora to stay and be his wife??

: >>No, thank goodness!! If he had tampered with that wonderful silent exchange between them, I would have had to cut my new DVD up into way little pieces.

: : OH! And, at the first Cameron's cabin scene, is there more political discussion, mainly by Chingachgook? I remember hearing long ago that there was.

: >>Nope. Not at all.

: : Oh, this is sad. I look forward to more analysis and input.
: : *sniff*

: >>I'm sniffing today, too. My disappointment is greater than it was last night. I'm going to see if my rented player will accommodate the better sound setting, and watch it once more, but all in all, I'm very dissatisfied with what we received. The only addition of any real value is Duncan's Diversion, and if MM wasn't going to ADD new scenes of value, I think he should have just left our beloved movie ALONE!

: Of course, this is just ONE opinion. Others might feel completely differently. Let's hear from you guys as you view it.

: MMMMarcia

Well I am certainly GLAD I did not buy the DVD version. I dont even have a player. It would drive me nuts knowing it wasn't worth the money.

Sounds to me like, not only did he disappoint on what he added, but actually removed many of the strong parts. Instead of adding to and strengthening the movie, he weakened it. Shheeesh. Was he drunk? Does he need his meds readjusted? Or what?

Taking the Clannad music out? What the h-e-double hockey sticks was he thinking???????? That was one of my favorite soundtracks.
And it added so much to that chase scene. My only guess is laziness.....easier to plug in some extra running, but too lazy to match the soundtrack to it or work within the soundtrack.
HUMPH!!!!!!! WE are not pleased!!!!! *sour faced gnome begins kicking huge clods of dirt and clouds of dust in general direction of Los Angeles and Michael Mann. Gathers up all the mouse turds from the family tree-mouse pet to put under Michael Mann's pillow - the ultimate gnome insult*

I am sorry for all those who have waited and waited for this DVD to come out, and then find such disappointment at the end of the trail. I feel for you guys.

Bill R

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