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Posted by MMMMarcia on December 02, 1999 at 12:44:56:

In Reply to: Re: The Infamous DVD posted by Rich on December 02, 1999 at 11:58:48:

: Hi there, Miss Marcia!

Hello there, MentorMan!

: Nothing of the kind was noticed on our viewing ... nothing unprofessional about it. The movie just flowed, pretty much like normal ... maybe we'll notice those flaws upon repeated viewings, but certainly they didn't pop out at us.

>>Oh, golly...they were so obvious even Mark asked what was wrong. I wonder if it is a damaged dvd or just the player problem again...but then again, there WAS that apology for those jerky movements included, so I'm guessing they ARE there, and you were so impressed with the sound & clarity of picture that you just didn't notice them. Let me tell you though, that watching this movie with practically NO dramatic sound at all has a profound impact on one's enjoyment. Maybe all the other things I disliked will fade away when I get to see it with the REAL sound.

: I know you love your man Hawkeye & all ... I know ... And I certainly would not have complained if MM had left those lines in. It's not like I hated them or anything. The SILENCE though, I felt, went even further towards establishing a Hawkeye/Duncan relationship.

>>And yet, you prefer the LACK of silence at the end. Interesting. I felt the real need for that remark to Duncan, and the total NON-need for verbage in the final scene. It's always fun to see what appeals to each of us, isn't it? And it's not like either of us has to give up the version we prefer, so we have a win-win situation.

: Actually VERY little is taken out of the film ... very little. Much more is added,

>>OK, MM, If very little has been taken out, and the revised version is only three minutes do you figure MUCH more has been added??? ;o) If we add the missing lines, the missing Clannad, and the missing shot of Hawkeye embracing Cora on the cliff, we probably have about a minute or so taken out. That leaves two minutes or less added in. Well...I guess that's almost twice as much, so maybe you have a point. Still darn little if you ask me.

:& it all goes towards enhancing all the other characters.

>>Well, see, here's where we disagree...who? How?? I saw no such enhancement. The characters seemed to me to pretty much stay as they lay.

:What puzzles me is why they went back to CRP, nearly a year later, to film that little - now missing - sequence (at Inspiration Point) in the first place?!

>>Yes, that totally blows my mind. Makes no sense to me at all.

: The music behind The Rescue, is that of the ending credits ... I wouldn't call that lame.

>>Not in the grand scheme of things...just not nearly as compelling for that shot as the Clannad music, for my taste.

: And there really wasn't much, if any, more running.

What?? You didn't see day turn into night as they ran, and then an extra shot of Hawkeye running? They made it look as though they had been running for 'days and days' to me.

: Some more captive shots, yes, including the stellar one that you mentioned.

Yes, I agree that shot is LOVELY. I also really like the extra shots at massacre valley, and the distant shots of the Indians running into the Fort after they leave. And I like the extra quick shot at Cameron's cabin of the men grabbing their guns. The clarity is especially noticeable there to me, as we can see at least TWO dogs in front of the cabin. That whole scene is nicer, I think.

: Better sound, better picture, better character development, better ending = to my mind, better job. I LOVE it!

>>Can't tell about the sound, better picture, no change in character development that I can see, much worse ending = to my mind, disappointing job. I do NOT love it. But as I said, mayhap I'll feel differently when I can watch it again on my own player. At least about the SOUND, if nothing else. That was so disappointing as to really ruin everything else.

: I honestly don't know if I'll ever watch the video again!

>>hehe...I was thinking after my first viewing that I would probably never watch the dvd again.

: I feel fairly certain that my opinion will be the minority one, overall, amongst die-hard fans ...

>>another chuckle...I've been thinking MY opinion would probably be in the minority. Guess we'll have to wait and see on that one.

:I hope not.. Newcomers to the film, though, would have to love it!

>>I really hope everyone is happy with it. I hate to see others as disappointed as I was.

: Oh well, just think of the great arguments (err ... discussions!) we can have at The Gathering!

>>Hey, I'm enjoying hearing the different takes on it already. As we've both said, it's not like we've lost anything. We have it all now, except for the longed-for footage that did not get added. We can pick and choose our moments. So far, we've run the gamut from those who absolutely loathe the dvd and want their money back to those who are thrilled with it & will never watch the THX again. I'm falling somewhere between those extremes, myself, though definitely closer to the first one at this point. I'm still really intrigued by everyone's feelings, though, and can't wait to read more as fans acquire the dvd & post their feelings.

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