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Posted by Kate on December 02, 1999 at 16:49:35:

In Reply to: Re: The Infamous DVD posted by Elaine on December 02, 1999 at 13:34:32:

: :
: : : I honestly don't know if I'll ever watch the video again!

: : : I feel fairly certain that my opinion will be the minority one, overall, amongst die-hard fans ... I hope not.. Newcomers to the film, though, would have to love it!

: : Rich... I'm with you 100%!!!!!
: : everything you have said I agree with. It's hard to be too specific because I've only seen the dvd once... except the end which I rewatched about five times.
: : but I loved Hawkeye just staring Duncan down after "I'll have you beaten from this fort!!"
: : ...just everything is better...
: : i'm stuck here at school with my VHS version...but I don't really want to watch it now after seeing the DVD...
: : I have to wait till Christmas break to watch my brothers at his house!!
: : arghhhhhh
: : again though... the end is the biggest improvement... particularly the last line... and the use of the music.
: : A)they needed to cut that scene of Hawkeye hugging Cora ... it just didn't flow right at all
: : B)in the vhs version, after chingachgook was done speaking...the music was soft.. to let you absorb what he just said... but it was never emotional enough... i was always waiting for something else to happen.... and what I got was the closing credits
: : now.... chingachgook gives that killer last line, and the music immediately kicks in at full time for you to absorb anything... there is just this wave of emotion and music that kocks you back in your seat...
: : as far as sloppy editing... I saw none at all. the movie ran perfectly

: ****

: Couldn't agree more, Ben! "Killer last line ..." - that it is.
: Didn't see poor, jerky editing either.
: We'll have our detailed *review* up on Sunday. Meanwhile, keep these ALL coming. Very interesting ...


Well, I too have to go with Rich, Elaine and Ben on this. I feel that this DVD release (note I do not use the term DC)is certainly the best release yet as regards sound and the crystal clarity of image. I think most of us would agree on that.

Though I wouldn't say those two infamous lines 'someday you and I...' and 'Nothing better to do...' detracted from my viewing, I always felt that their flippant tones did not really add anything to the scenes. I knew there was going to be trouble between Duncan and Hawkeye simply from the enraged expression on Hawkeye's face! That flippant retort really was not needed to assist me in gauging the tension between the two men. I know that the idea of such lines are to release the tension of highly charged emotional scenes, and ease the viewer back into the storyline but I felt these lines were superfluous.

Well, I did hope for SOME new scenes. However, an elaboration of the Uncas/Alice relationship was not something I wished to be included. I have always been happy with the way the Uncas/Alice relationship was done. It always seemed a gentle and tender relationship to me - something sweet and innocent used as a balance against the harshness and cruelties of the war. To have 'tinkered' with it, would have destroyed the fragile, ethereal quality of their awakening feelings.

I was VERY glad to see Duncan's 'diversion' scene in the DVD. Though 'The Courier' is my FAVOURITE scene, I always felt it totally unrealistic to suppose that 2 men with five guns (even supposing one DID have a 'tight weave'!) could possibly hold off the French army avec allies to allow the courier to reach Fort Edward!(What a coincidence! Five guns, and only five Hurons attack the courier! Amazing!) Now we can see with our own two eyes that the F & Allies were preoccupied with Duncan and his men! Thank you for this MM! (Just by the by, another blooper (?) here. I think you will see that one Huron actually travels PAST the courier - and doesn't turn back to intercept him! Pourquoi?!)

In the captive scenes, I felt that the extra 'stellar' scene was absolutely right, there. It gave me a better idea of the dire straits in which Cora and Alice were placed. (For someone with no knowledge of that part of the world and the distances involved, it is not immediately obvious how far the girls will be forced to march when they are 'taken up to Huron Land'). This new scene helps to promote a feeling of the captives haveing to walk for a couple of days, which I think is pretty realistic. This extra scene 'clears it up' for me somewhat.

Also, I feel that the closing scenes are just wonderful! I agree that in the video formats, the ending is powerful without a word having been spoken. But I think there is just TOO little said. We can guess/assume/presuppose that he is devastated at the loss of his son, and at the same time, the death of his 'line'. However, having now seen the DVD 'closing speech', I feel that Chingachgook actually vocalising what he is feeling and how he views the future, gives the scene a far stronger/ greater impact. Funnily enough, in the earlier versions, I always WISHED he would say something - tell me exactly how he felt! Now the DVD does just that and it feels 'right' to me!

Yes, I LOVE this version, but - I think there will be times when I will NEED to see those poor captives trekking away to the music of Clannad! No sweat! I'll pop in my THX version! Hey, the best of both worlds! Now, we don't often get our cake and get to eat it too, do we?!

(Another 'blooper'? For those who like to 'check' these things - in the 'leaving of Fort William Henry' scene, you will see Hawkeye being led out of the fort and down the path, surrounded by 9 English guards. At this point, you can see Uncas moving up and crossing over to flank Hawkeye. In the next frame, a closer shot, Hawkeye now has only 5 English guards. So - where did the other 4 disappear to so suddenly?! Cowardy custards!!!)

I know that everyone has their own ideas of what constitutes a 'good' movie - this is how I view this DVD release. However, I would STILL like some more scenes!! :0)

Take care, everyone,

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