Re: Happy 2000, and Reflections on DVD

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Posted by MMMMarcia on January 03, 2000 at 08:26:25:

In Reply to: Re: Happy 2000, and Reflections on DVD posted by Myrrh on January 02, 2000 at 23:25:22:

Myrrh wrote:
: I know we concur on a lot about the DVD. Just now I also discovered (eek! I'm becoming obsessed!) that the music behind the Glade is different. I played the video and then the DVD, back and forth a few times. The way the music builds in the original is MUCH MUCH better.

>>I agree.

:I wonder if Randy Edelman has anything to say about the way the music was put into some parts of the DVD?? Could he have worked on it along with Mann? Anyone know?? I imagine the same thing I observed for the Glade happens in several places on the DVD, because I noticed the background music was just "not right" in many places.

>>Yes, I noticed this, too, though I wasn't quite sure what the differences were.

: I also discovered, I think, that DVDs are not foolproof or flawless...I think these rented players might cause some of the jumping images we've seen, because some of the jumps I noticed originally didn't occur in the same places when I viewed it again.

>>I believe that you are supposed to run a "cleaner" now and again to keep the player working properly. It may be that these rented machines don't get cleaned often enough.

:However, the exiting Cameron's cabin massacre scene WAS LOADED with jumpy images every time. Very disconcerting. And that huge freeze frame and subsequent jump in the infirmary after Cora closes the dead man's eyes IS definitely built in, at least to MY DVD disc! That also leads me to wonder if individual DVD discs can be slightly different, with flaws in different places. Anyone else notice the specific jumps I'm describing???

>>I noticed both of these moments when I watched it. And several others. I don't know whether dvds can be "different" or not, but there IS a wide variance in the quality of players from what I've been learning. That probably wouldn't cause the "jumps," except for the possible need for "cleaning" in the case of a rental player, but it would have a profound effect on the sound quality, I think. Anyway, I was VERY bothered by the herky-jerky cuts where the major changes were made, and we know those have to be on all the disks, since they went so far as to apologize for them.

: Anyhoo....I guess I'm done ranting and raving for now. I just wish I could meld the two films together...take the GOOD additions and put them into the old film (and KEEP all the stuff that was cut out!). Maybe someday I'll figure out a way to do that.

>>My wish, exactly!

: Hee-hee! Funny, huh? Yes, I wonder how DDL is enjoying married life these days? No news of kids on the way or anything! He's so QUIET these days!

>>I know...TOO quiet! Maybe it's like in the old westerns and jungle movies. When it got real quiet, they knew "something" was about to happen. Wouldn't it be great to find out he's been working on a major project we knew nothing about, and is getting ready to release it as a surprise??? "Hawkeye and Cora, The Saga Continues!"

: The more I watch this film, the more impressed I am with his performance. I harken back to what Randy Edelman said as quoted in the MP music pages, about Hawkeye being so incredibly different from the way DDL is in real life, physically, emotionally, movement-wise, voice-wise, expression-wise. I'm just amazed. As you and I have both observed before, that man is probably the best actor alive today, and better than many of the classics too!

>>You certainly won't get any argument from me in THIS regard! I have known for years he's the best around. And I sorely miss his presence on the big screen! Shouldn't he be "'bout done" playing house by now, and be ready to resume his rightful place in the film world?


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