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Posted by MMMMarcia on January 04, 2000 at 09:18:44:

In Reply to: Re: Reflections on DVD posted by Rich on January 04, 2000 at 04:07:09:

Rich writes:
: 1 - The DVD quality ... When I got my THX version on video, good as it was, there was (and is) a very disturbing low humming during the scene in the Fort where Cora is debating her father & Duncan after Hawkeye is imprisoned. I have never heard anyone else complain of this, so I must figure I have a "defective" tape ... It is very obvious.

>>It's definitely not on mine.

:When I watch my DVD, I see none of the major flaws you, and others, have described. Just some very minor things, which, by the way, I have also observed in other DVDs, to one extent or another. All in all, the quality is SO very good. Just with my TV's speakers (it is stereo) I hear great separation, and clarity, in the sound. Absolutely astounding, and it blows the VHS version away.

>>OK, here's where it gets strange to me. We have been researching dvd players, hoping to get one as a Christmas gift. Our tv is old, and doesn't have Dolby capability. But we have a nice surround sound system with five speakers positioned around the living room. With that setup, the sound on the THX version is fantastic. Most notably, during the waterfall scene, when the roar of the falls always chases my cat out of the room, and the siege at the fort, when shrapnel can clearly be heard zipping around the room realistically enough to make you want to duck. Alas, I have been told that without a new receiver (Dolby capable), a dvd player high-end enough to include Dolby as well, and a subwoofer, the sound from a dvd will not compare to that. And that's pretty much what we found when we rented the player from Blockbuster. In other words, our current setup outperforms a lowend dvd/receiver setup by far. So, for us to buy a player and hook into our existing system, as is, we would LOSE sound quality. We first have to invest $400 in a new receiver, then add the subwoofer, THEN buy the new player. I suspect that with our current setup, we are probably already getting sound on a par with any dvd player and setup that does not have Dolby, etc. Which is why I was so utterly disappointed in the sound quality when we rented the player. Our old setup is much, much better.

: 2 - Chingachgook's closing words, in my opinion, are not those of a 20th Century Man (or should I say 21st Century??), but rather those from a man with vision. You can go back and read the words of people like Chief Joseph & Tecumseh and read very similar sentiments ... They had a grasp, a firm grasp, of the future of their people. So it is with Chingachgook ... and I think it adds a lot to have this wisdom finally finally come to the fore! It greatly adds dimension to his character.

>>You already know how much I hate the revised ending of the dvd, but let me add this further explanation. The speech, itself, though I find it "hitting me over the head" with the *point* of the film, in order to be sure I *get it*, I could probably live with it, if it had been placed elsewhere. Even earlier in the same scene, BEFORE the prayer to the Great Spirit, I would have found it less objectionable. But to lose that great line, "I, Chingachgook, Last of the Mohicans" as the final line in the movie is nearly criminal to me. It had more power in my mind than all the "explanatory" or visionary words anyone could offer. And thus, my feeling that the end of the film is so much weaker now than before.

I'm still of the opinion that when you've created a masterpiece, you don't second-guess it years later. Would DaVinci have gone back 8 years later and given Mona Lisa a red dress? Changed her smile to a devilish grin? Made her a blonde? Nah...I don't THINK so! ;o) Seriously, I had envisioned some additional info, yes, but not things changed around as they were, and that will always perplex me. Though I DO hope to learn to like the dvd better when I finally get a player/setup and can study it further.

Oh, certainly has given us new fodder for our conversational grist mill, has it not?

Now on to the day at hand. (Yes, Rich, it includes many phone calls regarding the Gathering!! Your MMMM is busy today!)


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