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Posted by Myrrh on January 04, 2000 at 12:00:38:

In Reply to: Re: Reflections on DVD & A Bit More posted by MMMMarcia on January 04, 2000 at 09:18:44:

Hi, Rich and Marsh!

(Rich wrote:)
: : The DVD quality ... When I got my THX version on video, good as it was, there was (and is) a very disturbing low humming during the scene in the Fort where Cora is debating her father & Duncan after Hawkeye is imprisoned...

>>It's definitely not on mine.

It's not on mine either.

: :When I watch my DVD, I see none of the major flaws you, and others, have described. Just some very minor things, which, by the way, I have also observed in other DVDs, to one extent or another. All in all, the quality is SO very good... it blows the VHS version away.

I agree that the quality of sound is fantastic. I loved it. The visual is also extremely clear, and I loved that too. But unfortunately, I had to watch the visual glitches I described. Maybe they just didn't exist on yours, Rich, or maybe your player was higher quality, and dealt with them better, or maybe you sat further away from your TV than I do! Given what Bruce wrote elsewhere, I'm thinking that DVDs just sometimes do these silly things, and maybe Michael Mann doesn't bear responsibility after all. Maybe I was unduly hard on him. He was acting for our benefit, and I apologize - I misunderstood. :-) I still find them an extremely annoying detraction from the overall quality of the viewing experience.

: : Chingachgook's closing words, in my opinion, are not those of a 20th Century Man (or should I say 21st Century??), but rather those from a man with vision. You can go back and read the words of people like Chief Joseph & Tecumseh and read very similar sentiments ... They had a grasp, a firm grasp, of the future of their people. So it is with Chingachgook ... and I think it adds a lot to have this wisdom finally come to the fore! It greatly adds dimension to his character.

: >>The speech, itself, ...I could probably live with, if it had been placed elsewhere. Even earlier in the same scene, BEFORE the prayer to the Great Spirit...But to lose that great line, "I, Chingachgook, Last of the Mohicans" as the final line in the movie is nearly criminal to me.

I agree with much of what Marcia and Rich say.
Although I don't know how Chingachgook could have moved from "Once, we were here" to "Great Spirit, and the maker of all life" etc. Fact is, "last of the Mohicans" and "Once, we were here" are both obviously *final* type lines.

Rich, I do appreciate your point about some Indians of the day having a clear vision about the fate that would eventually befall their people. Thank you for bringing it up. I have always been astounded by the eloquently expressed, very clear (and sad) vision of people like Chief Joseph. Next time I have the opportunity to watch the DVD I'll keep it in mind. Yes, it does add dimension to Chingachgook's character, but I wish that dimension had shown up earlier in the film, as opposed to the final few seconds. Maybe then the speech wouldn't have seemd to come out of nowhere.

My other objection to the final speech is that the quality of the sound is different from what came before it. The sound of Chingachgook's voice is totally different, and that bothers me. It makes me think: "spliced." I don't know...if the speech had sound quality consistent with previous, if the very beginning of it had been delivered more clearly or with more emphasis, if it had been placed before the prayer to the Great Spirit.......if, if, if. But it wasn't, so we're left with what is, and I, for one, find it unsatisfying.

: I'm still of the opinion that when you've created a masterpiece, you don't second-guess it years later. ...I had envisioned some additional info, yes, but not things changed around as they were.

Yes, the way I envisioned a Director's cut was that it would be the same film, but with additional footage. I do understand that the director has a right to his artistic vision, and that that doesn't necessarily cater to what the "fans" want, which is usually simply more of their favorite stars and favorite moments. It was his film and his artistic product, and he gets to do whatever he wants with it. However, even totally accepting his editing decisions, with the music no longer perfectly timed, and in fact CHANGED in various places, yet again, the film loses is just *not right* to my sensibilities, for a number of reasons, and I have been unable to get past the various thorns, to the point where it sits well with me. It feels like having your best friend suddenly replaced by an android.

I'm glad others are enjoying it so much! I hope I can someday enjoy it half as much.

Maybe at the Gathering we could debate the pros and cons of the director's cut! Have two players side-by-side and run the video and the DVD simulaneously! Talk about chaos. tee-hee ;-)

My final comment is, I hope someday they release a DVD of the original film! (pleeeeeeeeze?!)


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