Re: And back at Bill G and Bill...

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Posted by BillyGnome on January 24, 2000 at 13:35:42:

In Reply to: Re: And back at Bill G and Bill... posted by Danalee Lavelle-Burroughs on January 24, 2000 at 11:29:52:


Ah! A genteel lady. You wouldn't be southern by any chance would you? Southern women are NEVER caught in awkward positions, they don't sweat - they dew, are always "put together" and would never think of going to the grocery store dressed in their sweats, always keep the bathroom door closed.

I can sympathize with the cat intrusion though. We have three, and I have always had a cat when single. As soon as I go into the bathroom and sit down - one or more is always coming in to play, scurry around, attack my shoe laces, try to capture the toilet paper from the roll (and/or my hands), bat their paws under the door, climb around the tub and play with the shower curtain, decide since I AM going - they will go too and squat in the litter box and stare at me.

More than once I have hooted or laughed out loud while on the throne and the other human inhabitants wanna know what could possibly be so funny about doing one's business.


: : Billy Gnome! Here I was set to invite you over since you are such a 'well-trained Billy Gnome'... I may still.

: Yeah, Bill...the mystique behind the bathroom door!! Ours, at least. We don't want to give away our beauty secrets. On the other hand, maybe we're just a wee bit (couldn't pass the opportunity up!) curious how 'things' work, so we tend to view the male inner sanctum as penetrable...oops and barge in. Personally, I don't 'do' throne duty with an audience and I've been married 19 years. In our house, he trys to barge in and I always fix him with a freezing glare. I can't shut a door without hearing a 'what are you doing?' Either that or one of my two black cats think they are missing out on something and scratch at the carpet beneath the door trying to come in. They love to sit on the sink or edge of the bathtub when 'anything' is going on! Maybe I'll turn the husband into a toad...Danalee

: : Okay, okay. *doing his Joe Pesci imitation again* Here's one for you ladies.

: : WHY is it when you are single and dating us, you keep the bathroom door closed and won't come out until every single hair is perfectly in place and you are looking like a cover girl.
: : AFTER you marry us you think nothing of coming into the bathroom while we are trying to shave, plopping yourself down on the throne and do one sort of business or another, while trying to hold a serious conversation about finances or Jr's grades or whatever??????

: : Bill R

: : : Well, Since I seemed to start off the 'wee-wee' discussion, and don't regret it a bit, here is a sign that was posted above the toilet at the riding stable I used to frequent. Obviously, no his and hers bathrooms, just one for all... "We aim to please, you aim, too, please" .......:)
: : : Danalee

: : :
: : : : Sorry, Bill...didn't mean to offend your delicate gnomish sensibilities, there! :)

: : : : : You have a "wee" feeling, Billy? ... or is that a "wee wee"
: : : : : feeling?

: : : : Doc, you beat me to it!

: : : : : And what would I call a guy who's a dead shot at
: : : : : the throne?? SINGLE, for one!

: : : : I don't get it. Why are single guys deadshots at thrones and married ones not? Cuz they know their wives will clean it up??

: : : : (We're gonna get reprimanded in a minute!)

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