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Posted by Jo on February 06, 2000 at 08:18:22:

In Reply to: From The Ridiculous To The Sublime! Life From This End! posted by Rich/Mohican Press on February 06, 2000 at 06:31:29:

: Well ... Just when you thought it was safe!

: A "friendly" e-mail received early this AM (in its entirety; source omitted):

: "I am rather disturbed by the capitalism on the distortion of 'Cooper's book, which was actually a result of Cooper being commissioned to create a literary fiction to promote the campaign of the "the vanishing Indian'. The lack of distinction between Mohican and Mohegan (Uncas) is obvious- this is how stereo-types, misconceptions and historical distortions get passed along. Are any of you even remotely aware of actual history of Uncas?

: I suspect that many of you are more interested it continuing the notion that Indian people need non Indians to carry on their legacy because all of the Indians are just going to disappear. I would recommend that you try reading "Playing Indian" by Phil Deloria. He does a wonderful job of objectively explaining the cross-cultural dressing of colonial revolutionist and the role that played in creating the national identity for the newly emerging nation; at the expense of many nations which were already here.

: The further irony of people (who have been grossly misinformed by media) gathering to fulfill their hollywood fantasies in North Carolina! Just because that film was taped there.

: There are a lot of people trying to promote the removal of historical
: distortions that lead to people being rip off because they think they
: are experiencing historical awareness. For the sake of future
: generations and self respect- learn the history. I hate seeing people
: making fools out of themselves.

: Please do not bother to reply, because I was just browsing and do not
: wish to get into a spam debate over inaccurate history and the foolish
: things it causes people to do."

: Hmmm ... Insulting? Self-righteous? Presumptuous? Full of half-"truths"? Ridiculous? You decide. We deal with this on a regular basis. As Marcia knows, we received another of these type things yesterday (as did she) ... They seem to come in waves. Ah well,to each his own.

: Our Mission Statement (for those too lazy to search it out for themselves):

: "Our purpose for taking up space here on the Internet is plain & simple. We have created a monument to a classic film, based on a classic piece of American Literature, and we want to share that with you. There is no political stance associated with this Web Site. It is here based on our love of a film. Our histories, and they are OUR histories, are included to help enhance the visitor's understanding of the people & events that were at the core of 'The Last of the Mohicans'. We take no sides; offer no moral judgments; claim no inherent insights. We have a parody section where we poke fun at all things, including ourselves & the life taken on by our WWWboard. Laugh with it. Our use of the word 'Mohicans', except when in the strictly historical sense, is a shortened 'The Last of the Mohicans', as in, 'The Great [Last of the] Mohican[s] Gathering'. We mean no disrespect or offense to any ethnic or cultural group. We have strived towards maintaining an honest, forthright, & complete picture ... by our standards.

: We hope that you can fully enjoy this Web Site!"

: Some people, by their own choosing, just don't get it ...

: But, GLAD this person brought up The Gathering. Reservations are in full swing. PLEASE hurry if you want to stay at Bear Den. It has been filling up rather quickly!

: Around the Site: New Pics up in a new "Under The Make-Up Tent" Page ... See 'em! ... Updated the "Musical Musings" (thanks Sarah!), Links, Mike Phillips Interview, & 2000 Gathering Page ...

: As therapy for myself, before I blow a gasket, I'll talk about something ALMOST totally unrelated to this Web Site ... You can tune out now, if you choose to ... Ahh, for the good old days ... long ago ... Nixon was President, the Vietnam War was still ongoing, the "Titans" were in Houston, the "Rams" in Los Angeles ... "The Last of the Mohicans" was the farthest thing from my mind ... It was Fall, '73 ... My buddy, Eddie, & I were sitting & strumming guitars, singing some tunes ...

: Oh yeah ... the Photo ...

: (Left to Right): Bruce (bass; lives on Long Island, NY still), Rich (vocals & guitar; North Carolina), Eddie (guitar, mandolin, harmonica & vocals; Georgia), John (pedal steel; have lost contact), Ronnie (drums, banjo & vocals; my bro! & this Web Site's "official" composer; Long Island, NY), Little Rich (keyboards, accordian, vocals; Oregon)

: So, that's our band, CottonWood Sage (Oct. 1978 - Halloween Party at NYU at Farmingdale) ... born at that little meeting up in my room. We soon were joined by Ronnie & Marc (left in 1976, rejoined briefly in early '78 - Currently plays with the Tulsa, OK Philharmonic ... or did, at last contact), good buddies all. It sounded good (??), we added members ... after all was said & done, 21 different players were in the band, including fiddle, saxophone, female vocalist, dobro ... We worked Long Island, New York City, a little upstate NY ... one time in Philly ... By band's end we had quite a local following, doing much western swing, country rock, bluegrass, Grateful Dead covers, & a few originals ...

: Ahhh, for the good old days ... Diversion folks, diversion ...

: OH, TV! For those who missed it last time, on the History Channel ...

: Monday, February 21:

: 9:00/6:00 The Crossing. Movie. George Washington and his ragtag troops
: cross the icy Delaware River on Christmas night 1776 to attack the
: Hessians,
: German troops hired by the British. Jeff Daniels stars as Washington,
: whose
: gamble turns the tide of the Revolution. With Roger Rees. Teleplay by
: Howard
: Fast. (1999) (Historians: Gordon S. Wood and R. Don Higginbotham.) [TV
: PG-V]

: 11:30/8:30 The Making of the Crossing. A behind-the-scenes look at the
: filming of an A&E Original Movie Presentation, "The Crossing". Jeff
: Daniels
: stars as General George Washington, who leads a downtrodden Revolutionary
: Army across the Delaware River on Christmas Night and hands the British
: their first defeat. Howard Fast wrote the screenplay, based on his novel.
: [TV PG]

: Till Next Time ...


Hey, great you had time for the TV Guide!
(And let's forget about the jerks who just "don't get it!" their loss, not mine!)(But sorry thier emails clutter up your inbox...)
Nice Sunday update; thanks.
Great pic; a good diversion....(don't know about those Dead songs, though....)


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