Re: Duncan throwing himself down the hill? What is up with that!

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Posted by Doc M on February 06, 2000 at 11:29:30:

In Reply to: Re: Duncan throwing himself down the hill? What is up with that! posted by Mohican Girl on February 05, 2000 at 21:40:43:

: : Hi, Mohican Girl! Guess I'll lead off in responding to your questions. Everyone else seems kinda quiet tonight.

: : 1. Regarding Duncan throwing himself down the hill: what is not made clear in the movie (nor do I remember seeing it shown any more clearly in the dvd) is the fact that Duncan has just been shot in the leg. We know this from our own Soldier #2's explanation of what actually ocurred there, even though you don't get a clue of that from the movie. This is why Duncan is suddenly flung backwards. All further references to his injury seem to be missing from the movie, too, but that's the scoop on what was happening there.

: : 2. Hawkeye is shown running in slow motion, and begins his run quite a bit before Cora is being held under the knife. Things do get a mite confused there, as he closes the gap between them, so it's hard to tell exactly how long Cora is in imminent danger before he arrives. I do not think, though, that his blow to the Huron's head would have caused him to slice through her throat at all. Remember, the Huron hears Hawkeye shouting "Cora!" and looks up, hesitating. When Hawkeye bashes him (yay, Hawkeye!), he would surely be knocked away from Cora, and lost his grip on the knife. Just my opinion, there.

: : 3. Colonel Munro may have been holding his sword when his horse is shot, but don't forget, the horse landed on TOP of him, pinning him to the ground. I don't know for certain, but I think it would be very difficult to kill Magua from that position, even if one wasn't in excrutiating pain. I mean, how effective could his flailing around with his sword have been while he's lying pinned under the horse? This, assuming he didn't drop the sword when the horse fell on him in the first place. He could, perhaps, have gotten in a good jab or two at Magua's knees...;o) Seriously, I will watch that scene one more time (oh, no!!) and see if I can imagine him being able to put up much of a fight from under the horse.

: : What bothers *me* more about that moment is how peculiar the other Hurons look as they stand, sorta hunched over, glaring around the perimeter of their circle, whilst Magua does his dirty deed. I've always thought they looked a little odd.

: : Well, while I'm watching Munro's demise again, you could watch Duncan one more time, and see if you can imagine that a bullet has just passed through his leg. We both need another excuse to watch the film again, anyway...don't we? Let's call it Important Research, shall we?

: : Post some more thoughts, Mohican girl. We haven't done any scene analysis around here in awhile.

: : MMMMarcia

: Hmmm. It appears that he looks around at his company before he throws himself down the hill, but I can see where he may have been shot in the leg, even though the movie does not show it. As for the massacre scene in itself, doesn't anyone find it at all odd that half of the soldiers are just standing around watching their commrades die. I mean really, from most of what I've heard they were very loyal to each other, so wouldn't they have helped at all? It could have caused a dramatic turn of events in the movie, but hey who wants to see Eric Schweig die anyway? Another thing is that after the first Huron/Ottawa comes running out to attack the army, they start looking around, but it doesn't seem as if they see anything in the woods. Honestly, the girls could have gotten out of there (they were on a horse after all), the indians would never have been able to catch up to them, much less they probably wouldn't have noticed their disappeance from the battle, and by the time they had it would have been too late. In the scene you can see movement in the woods before the massacre starts, so they probably could have figured out where the indians were, instead of standing there with this "Well where did that Indian come from, the moon" look on their faces. It would have given the English a slight advantage over the Indians, but hey who am I to argue with art. And this movie is art in it's own way. Of course, now that I think about it, the girls probably would have needed a guide. Who'd want to run away from DDL and Eric Schweig, anyway, now Magua, I can see why they'd run away from him (he's just plain scary)! Was looking over some of the archives and saw a post about one of Duncan's lines. The line reads like this "My compliments, Sir. Take her and get out!" The post had to do with another version of that same line that the listener seemed to mistake as "My corn's hurt, sir. Take her and get out!" If you listen to it I can see where you could get confused over that line. I laughed for a good 20 minutes over that one, and will have to tell my mother about it when she gets back from helena. I'm sure she will find it absolutely hysterical.

: mohican Girl

Well, thank you SEW much, MG -- that happened to be my
line, and actually, I think it was my very first post
to the Board. And in fact, I still think that my
interpretation makes perfect sense. Anybody that
had to walk over all creation in those riding boots
would have had intense podiatric problems! And
have you given any thought to Hawkeye's Italian
relative...the mysterious Uncle Wisconi?

Doc M

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