Re: From The Ridiculous To The Sublime! Life From This End!

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Posted by Elaine on February 06, 2000 at 11:38:17:

In Reply to: Re: From The Ridiculous To The Sublime! Life From This End! posted by Adele on February 06, 2000 at 10:38:34:

: If he didn't want to get into a spam debate - why on earth did he post the message? Why would this person think that we are remotely interested in someone who spouts on about us being ill informed and then doesn't even bother to find out what this web site is really about!!!

: And as for going to the gathering to "fulfill my hollywood fantasies" - I don't think so!!! What a joke! People like that make my blood pressure go up!!

: Are you going to bother replying Rich?

: Adele

: PS For those interested, I am in the middle of an absolutely fantastic book! The Earth Shall Weep (A History of Native America) by James Wilson. I heartily recommend it for those of you who enjoy a very well-informed, accurate and eloquent history book. I love it!


Hi Adele ...

This particular e-mail arrived in the wee hours of the morning. As I was still up (working!) & very tired, I was really in no mood for the dis-enlightening drivel contained therein. Letters such as these come in cycles - as if someone initiates a little storm trooping. Problem is, they NEVER know what is on our site, who we are, what we do, who all of you are ... and they don't even try to grasp that prior to shooting off their big mouths. Truth is, there are quite a few people out there who are comfy bashing/accusing/mistating/irritating because they are expecting a 'shaking in our boots' reply. It's the PC factor. They THINK they will succeed in their intimidating intent because they have been getting away with it for quite some time.

It takes a lot of tongue biting to read such garbage without responding with lengthy chiding & correction ... but, there is little point in wasting too much time with insincere, ill informed, LAZY folks who are in dire need of education.

This e-mail received a brief reply -

"It is so obvious the cycle has begun again. You obviously have NOT read the VAST material on our site, nor did you take the time to even attempt to ascertain whether or not we "know" our history, Mohican vs Mohegan, the REAL Uncas, etc.

I respectfully suggest that you and those who 'accompany' you into this misinformed foray read more & presume less.
Our site, through our own choice, includes a wealth of HISTORICAL information.

I also wonder how it is that you have so quickly judged us & our intentions.

To say 'don't respond/I don't want to get into a spam debate over ...'
is rather disingenuous. You contacted us with inaccurate assumptions.

When you have the time, why not read up a bit about some of this history. You can find quite a bit right here."

We've seen it ALL before. It isn't as though these people are writing with any sincerity or desire to discuss points. It's the same vague charges, over & over, never backed up - just thrown out as if we shall all step aside & bow to the inherent truths spoken by the all knowing victims. To date, not one of these so called "Mohican" has been able to converse on the alleged transgressions or offer any justification of a need to defend their "people." That is because they do not wish to 'know' - only to point fingers.

And how is it people presume to dictate what we will or will not include on OUR site? Where is this requirement that we are obliged to promote whatever it is they want promoted?
Moving beyond the film/literary LOTM aspects on our site was OUR choice. And so it remains ...

I usually refer them to some Mohican and/or Cooper/period history ... from OUR site, of course.

We don't usually hear back. Oh well ....


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