Draggin' Hector Out

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Posted by She Who Tracks La Longue Carabine on February 22, 2000 at 16:46:59:

(Softly) Hector. Heeector. Psst! Come on out from under this canoe, pup. Ye been skulkin' under here fer the best part o' a week, and it's time to get over whatever's frettin' ye and get a life agin. That's right - come on. Right out here where ye can chew on this little bit of fried rabbit I brought ye. There, good hound - good hound. (Pat, pat, pat) Doesn't that taste good? Sure is nice to see yer friendly muzzle agin. I missed yer warm hide draped on toppa me the last few cold nights.

Now, just listen up a bit. I understand Miss Marcia's a tad under the weather today, and I thought you and I would take a short walk up there . . . .

(Whooooooosh! Digdigdigdigdigdig)

DANG IT HECTOR GET BACK OUT FROM UNDER THE CANOE!! Shoot! Got leaves and mud all over my clean buckskins now! Stupid dog! What's the matter with ye? Ye can't spend the rest of yer dog's life under a canoe. (BANG! THUMP!) There! Now it's turned over, and ye just come over here and HEEL! We're agoin' over to Miss Marcia's and take her this fine plump turkey hen I shot this mornin', and mebbe she can shed some light on what's eatin' ye. Come to think of it, mebbe we ought to stop by Doc Mary's place. Seems to me I heerd her talkin' once about somethin' she calls "new roses" which means all messed up , though that gener'ly don't seem right to me, since new roses us'ally means pretty and nice smellin', but then again, mebbe a dog's gifts fer new roses differs from folks' gifts fer new roses, 'cause actin' this way don't make ye smell none the better. Howsever, if Doc Mary says new roses is yer problem, mebbe she can tell me how to fix ye, 'cause I'm plumb fed up with ye, pup! Now HEEL! MARCH!

She Who Tracks

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