Re: *Heavy Sigh*

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Posted by Miss Marcia on February 24, 2000 at 22:29:10:

In Reply to: Hector Detours posted by Hector on February 24, 2000 at 22:14:48:

*rock, rock, rock* *siiiiiiiigh*

Well, I swan, I don't know what to make of anything any more! Here I thought Benton was gonna come calling tonight, an' I cooked him up a that lovely turkey hen She Who Tracks brought me, an' roasted him up some ears of fresh corn, an' baked him a big ol' apple' that man never showed his FACE! *sniff*
I don't understand it, I just don't understand it! *sigh*

Well...looky here! Here's someone who hasn't forgotten me...hello, Hector, Ol' boy. What are YOU doin' around here without She?? What brings you to my part of the village, eh? Come to keep Miss Marcia company out here on the porch, didja?

Awwww...he's givin' me such a sweet little lick or two on my foot. He knows a good friend when he sees one, doesn't he? Yessir, She's right smart to have herself a dog like Hector around instead of some no-account, two-timing, weasel-brained MAN! Ye can't count on 'em for anything! Though, to be honest, Benton usually shows up when there's FOOD to be had.

What's that, Hector? Why did you whine when I mentioned food? And why are you giving me that big, ol' sad-eyed look? Poor ol' pup...are you hungry? Is that it? No one's been takin' care of YOU, either, have they? They've all gone off somewhere's and ignored us, haven't they? *sigh* *sniff* *snivel* Well...Hector, this just might be your lucky day, ol boy. I just happen to have a turkey leg to spare, since that varmint, Bent Twigg, didn't bother to show up to claim it! Come on inside, Hector...may as well have our dinner in where it's warm and cozy-like.

There. That's right...just climb yourself right up on this chair at the table. You can help yourself to that whole plateful of turkey and greens. You don't look half bad sittin' in Benton's usual spot, ya know...maybe I'll keep YOU around for awhile! Ol' She might be talked into leavin' you with me for two days an' a bit. Here, boy...have another helpin' of this ol' gobbler! I think I'll just have some of this nice mulled wine to warm me up a bit, and drown my sorrows a tad. Just a sip or two, strictly for medicinal purposes, doncha know!

Men. Harrrruuuuuuuuuuumph!! I hear tell the good Lord gave 'em different names so's we can tell 'em apart...cuz there ain't a nickel's worth o' difference in the lot of 'em!


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