Re: The Patriot vs The Happy Cobbler

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Posted by Doc M on February 25, 2000 at 08:51:09:

In Reply to: Re: The Patriot vs The Happy Cobbler posted by MMMMarcia on February 24, 2000 at 14:23:00:

: : MMMM: I got to thinking after I posted yesterday, that maybe the chronology is a little off. He received the '89 Oscar for MLF, which means it would have been awarded in March, '90. So at the March '91 Oscars when he presented would have been just before he went into filming for LOTM, which is why his hair was so much longer. Am I wrong or am I right, one who knows all re DDL? YRH
: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
: Hi, NightSky...well, dates are not my thing. I like words better than numbers...but that sounds about right to me. What I mosly remember is that long, black frock coat & those long legs, as he walked up to the podium, couple with the tears in his eyes and the way he had to keep swallowing before he could speak. And I keep thinking that he wore a similar (if not the same) outfit the following year, or am I crazy in that regard? Yeah, I know...I'm crazy in MOST regards!

: Believe it or not, as much as I love my Hawkeye, and as great an actor as I think DDL is, I don't follow his private life very closely. I know there are people out there who know where he is living at any given moment (or think they do) but I'm not one of them. Hope that doesn't make me any less of a fan, though, as I definitely think he's the best actor of our time.

: You know, I don't even know if he's working on anything new, or if he's still happily cobbling shoes in Florence...anyone else know? I'd like to think he's gonna make another film again someday!

: MMMMarcia

Mahsha, Mahsha, Mahsha....I think your other half has been
giving you too many sips from her *teacup*. "Steely BLUE
eyes?" Sure an' they're green, Miss -- green as the hills
of the auld sod. As for the latest, rumor has it he might
be doing a film about Henry VIII with Kate Winslett, but
so far there's no confirmation of that. I'm hoping that
with his penchant for living the part he'll chop off his
current wife's head. *sigh* A girl can dream, can't she?

My feeble opinions on Private Ryan and TRL -- didn't keer
fer neither of 'em. Like someone said, after the first
incredible 30 minutes PR turned hokey. TRL was beautifully
photographed -- some of the images were mind-boggling,
but 3 hours of listening to people muttering their
innermost thoughts did not work for me, except as a
surefire cure for insomnia. Plus I'm so dull-witted
I thought two of the main characters were the same
person and I couldn't figure out why the guy's name
kept changing. LOL! Maybe I've been hitting the old
teacup to heavily my own self.

My favorite historical movies of all time? Excluding
the obvious, of course? Lawrence of Arabia -- hands
down. Nobody makes 'em like that anymore. Quiz Show
for another. Great story, impeccable acting from
everyone. And my favorite hysterical historical
movie is Land of the Pharoahs, with Joan Collins
as Pharoah's evil concubine. It's got it all --
mind-bending casting, cheese-whiz dialogue, hellacious
headgear. You'll laugh, you'll cry!!

Doc M

PS And I LIKED Apocalypse now!! So there!!!

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