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Posted by MMMMarcia on February 25, 2000 at 18:35:53:

In Reply to: Re: The Patriot vs The Happy Cobbler posted by Doc M on February 25, 2000 at 08:51:09:

Doc M writes:
: Mahsha, Mahsha, Mahsha....I think your other half has been
: giving you too many sips from her *teacup*. "Steely BLUE
: eyes?" Sure an' they're green, Miss -- green as the hills
: of the auld sod.

So says YOU, Doc! I have photos wherein they are the bluest of blue (and they surely look that way in LOTM closeups on the big screen to ME), and I have other photos where they are a cold gray, and one (count 'em, ONE) photo where they MIGHT be considered green. Until I gaze into the depths of them thar eyebulbs ME OWN SELF, I'll call 'em as I sees 'em, and that's BLUE as the sky above!! Nyah, nyah, nyah!

:As for the latest, rumor has it he might
: be doing a film about Henry VIII with Kate Winslett, but
: so far there's no confirmation of that. I'm hoping that
: with his penchant for living the part he'll chop off his
: current wife's head. *sigh* A girl can dream, can't she?

hehehaha! Good one, Mare! Howsever:

If the wife's heade he doth choppeth,
Mary's chances needs must droppeth,
MMMM will crosseth the sea,
To find DDL & pursueth HE!

Hmmmmm...maybe I should give up on the poetry for two days an' a bit!

: My feeble opinions on Private Ryan and TRL -- didn't keer
: fer neither of 'em. Like someone said, after the first
: incredible 30 minutes PR turned hokey.

*me, sticking my thumbs in my ears, a la GnomeDome, and waggling my fingers, whilst making rude noises in your general DI-rection!*

:TRL was beautifully
: photographed -- some of the images were mind-boggling,
: but 3 hours of listening to people muttering their
: innermost thoughts did not work for me, except as a
: surefire cure for insomnia.

NOW yer talkin', Doc! First thing you've said in this post that makes sense! Must be soberin' up, eh?

:Plus I'm so dull-witted
: I thought two of the main characters were the same
: person and I couldn't figure out why the guy's name
: kept changing. LOL!

hehehaha! I seem to remember having that same problem...mayhap we ain't as young & bright as we once were, eh?

:Maybe I've been hitting the old
: teacup to heavily my own self.

OR it could be THAT! ;o)

: My favorite historical movies of all time? Excluding
: the obvious, of course? Lawrence of Arabia -- hands
: down. Nobody makes 'em like that anymore.

MUST you ALWAYS be so obvious???

:Quiz Show
: for another. Great story, impeccable acting from
: everyone.

Good choice, excellent film, stars...guess who??...RALPH FIENNES, again! WooooooHooooooo!

:And my favorite hysterical historical
: movie is Land of the Pharoahs, with Joan Collins
: as Pharoah's evil concubine. It's got it all --
: mind-bending casting, cheese-whiz dialogue, hellacious
: headgear. You'll laugh, you'll cry!!

I'll run right out and rent this one! Can't wait!

: PS And I LIKED Apocalypse now!! So there!!!

Awwwww, Doc...and you were doin' so well for a minute, there! That movie almost made me break my favorite Jimi Hendrix album...couldn't listen to Purple Haze for a LONG time after being forced by my cruel and dastardly hubby to sit through the thing. (I would have run awaaaaaaaaay, except for the fact that I adore Martin Sheen, but I'll get even with him for Apocalypse Now, if it's the last thing I ever do. That, and for foisting Charlie off on an unsuspecting world!!


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