Re: Lookin' For Hector

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Posted by She Who Tracks on February 26, 2000 at 14:41:29:

In Reply to: Re: Lookin' For Hector posted by Hurry Harry on February 26, 2000 at 13:06:03:

: Ya should'a warned me about that sarpent's nest
: that ya call Bumppo's. Next time I'll jest order
: the turpentine and hit meself upside the head with
: the back end of me 'hawk. I wouldn't feel nearly
: as bad as I do and it would take a lot less time
: to get over it. Not only that, but I feel plum
: sore enough to have been in a bodacious fight
: but all I seem to remember is a convarsation
: with a woman who claimed to be a doctor and
: said she'd cure all my ills.

: As fer heading east I think I'll pass on that.
: Gettin' too crowded thataway. I think I'll keep
: headed toward the settin' sun. I'm right dissappointed
: no one had heard tell o' the Hawk man ner the
: Sarpent. Iffn ye don't care too much I'll stay
: around to recover some and replenish my stores
: before settin' out on the trail.

: H.H.

Mebbe I shoulda warned ye that the drinks can stay with ye a bit, but knowin' yer reputation for holdin' yer own among the hunters and trappers, it never occurred to me ye would have a problem there. Ye do look a mite under the weather today; yes ye do. I'd be pleased if ye'd stay by the riverbank and don't do any more o' yer purgin' in the cabin til I get it aired out some. Hows about I build ye a small half-faced shelter, and ye can stay here by the canoe with Hector for company. I see he's dug in under it agin. Consarned hound, wish I knew what's ailin' him!

As to replenishin' yer stores, ye wouldn't be thinkin' o' takin' up that call for skunk oil that's posted on the tavern door, would ye? Seems like a fair way of gainin' some gold to buy supplies, iffen ye can stand the obvious downside o' the business. Started thinkin' about it when I saw Simon Girty skulkin' past here a few days ago with a pretty rank smellin' knapsack slung over his shoulder. Wouldn't wonder if he's decided to go for some o' that bounty money himself.

Well, you just rest here under the willow for a while, and I'll be about gatherin' some saplings for that half-face.

She Who Tracks

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