Re: Good Afternoon to Miss Marcia ...Oh, YEAH?????

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Posted by Sheriff Twigg on February 26, 2000 at 17:31:54:

In Reply to: Re: Good Afternoon to Miss Marcia ...Oh, YEAH????? posted by Miss Marcia on February 26, 2000 at 16:19:46:

: : Brightest of afternoons to you, Miss Marcia! Everything's so quiet in town this afternoon, that I found myself with nothing much to do, and thought I'd ramble out and sit a spell with you. Had a few possible crises this last week, but nothing turned out to be of any account after all, and I'm just feeling lazy and relaxed and kinda congenial for a change. Good afternoon to lay back and relax and maybe snooze a little on yer veranda here. How're things with you, my dear?

: : Bent Twigg
: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
: *icy nod in Bent's general DI-rection*

: Well...Sheriff Twigg!...I see you ARE alive and apparently well, after all. *sarcastic sneer* I thought SURELY you had run into some terrible misfortune or other, and were perhaps lying home too ill or injured to move. No? Well, the day's STILL YOUNG...don't count yourself lucky just yet, Bucko!

: As for relaxin' on my verandah...I don't THINK so, Sheriff. Y'all might wanna consider relaxin' somewhere else from now on...oh, say, maybe...I don't know...BUMPPO'S TAVERN??? How's THAT sound, you weasel-brained, flop-eared, cross-eyed sorry excuse for a human being??? And don't stand there lookin' all bewildered and actin' as innocent as a babe! I have connections around this here village, ya know. You can't go out drinkin', and carousin', and hangin' out with floozies without ME hearin' about it, you lunkheaded, birdbrained TWIT! Now get on off of my porch before I get my broom and chase your sorry backside from here to Cobbler's Knob! *hurls turkey bones at his head* GET, I said!!!

: *slamming front door in a snit*
: Haruuuuuuumph!!
: *mutter, mumble, growl, hiss*

: Miss Marcia

Now, just hold it there, swee. . . .tie (ducks). Just what're you so . . . (tacks to the right) You're flinging turkey bones at me??? (tacks to the left) OUCH!! Now see here . . . NO, NO MISS MARCIA, NOT YOUR DRESDEN TEACUP!! YOW!!!! Okay, I'm backin' - I'm backin'! If you'd just let me explain . . . (crash ! thump! thud! thud!) Dang, fell down the fool steps. I may be prepared to handle law enforcement in Mohicanland, but I ain't NEVER *&@@@&*# faced the likes o' THIS!!!

ZZZZZZZZZOOOOOOOOOOOOOoooooooommmmmmmm (flees down the path to the river)

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