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Posted by She Who Tracks La Longue Carabine on February 28, 2000 at 16:01:20:

In Reply to: Re: Apology to Miss Marcia posted by Miss Marcia on February 28, 2000 at 15:16:54:

: : Hello, Miss Marcia. I came up to tell ye how sorry I am that Hector was part o' that crew that run through yer house the other night. That fool hound come slinkin' back to the cabin this mornin', and I gave him a real stern talkin' to about his manners. He's feelin' sore ashamed about it - curled up in the corner by the fireplace right now with his tail wrapped around his nose, and I don't guess he's gonna be comin' in society for some time. Howsever, I took him out back o' the cabin, and he nosed out this basket o' wild turkey eggs for ye, so's to replace some o' them eggs as ye lost by bein broke all over yer kitchen. Hope these'll hold ye 'til yer hens can lay some more for ye. Hector sends his sorries to ye, and hopes ye'll forgive him. And though I don't guess it's as fancy as yer Dresden teacup ye heaved at the Sheriff, here's a mug I whittled for ye out o' a good solid piece o' branch. It's got a little heart carved into the side for ye, with a X and a O right under it. Not awful fancy, but I guess ye know my heart's right, and Hector's as well.

: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~`

: Oh, Hello, She! *sniff* Well...I reckon it's not your fault that Hector went crazy & tore up my place. Most likely he was just followin' the lead of that durn fool, Dweebie Day-Lewis, and that no-account Sheriff of ours, Benton Twigg. Scroundrels, the BOTH of them, if y'all ask me!

: Say, that's right nice of y'all to bring along the turkey eggs. Guess I can't stay mad at you OR your dog, if you keep doin' such nice things as this. Why don't y'all come on in and have a nice cuppa Earl Grey with me, and something good to eat? I just finished cleaning up the whole kitchen, so it's near good as new, and I made a big ol' platter of my Famous DownHome Fuuu-uuuuudge. It's mighty good for what ails ye, doncha know!

: Miss Marcia

That was a real fine cup o' tea, Miss Marcia, and there's no better fuuuu-uuuuuudge in the whole Colony, than you make - mebbe not in the whole of the country, for that matter, though the most of the country toward the settin' sun is peopled still by the Indian tribes, and I don't believe makin' fuuuu-uuuuudge is one o' their gifts; no I don't.

Howsever, I'm real glad ye don't hold Hector's rampagin' agin me and that we're still fri'nds. Now, afore I head back to the cabin, since there was only a spare half-dozen o' them turkey eggs to last ye, why don't I go out to the corncrib and get some corn and toss it around for your hens to feast on?. Mebbe it'll hurry em up a little in the egg-layin' business.


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