Re: Yay! Parrot Frickasee!

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Posted by She Who Tracks La Longue Carabine on March 02, 2000 at 20:23:53:

In Reply to: Re: Yay! Parrot Frickasee! posted by Gnome Dome on March 02, 2000 at 19:23:52:

: :
: : : :
: : : : : : SheWT writes:
: : : : : : In the absence o' any green parrots for fixin's, ......


: : : : : : I heard that! I heard that! She is mean to parrots, She is mean to parrots! *SHRIIIIEEEEEEEEEEEEEK!!* Call the Parrot Police, arrrrk! Parrot Police, Parrot Police! *SCREEEEEEECH!!*

: : : : : : *much flap-flap-flapping from perch on front porch of Polly Anna's cabin*

: : : : : Hey! She who! Lookee here! We found a parrot after all! Yay!
: : : : : Parrot frickasee!!!!!!! Mmmmmmmmm. One of those suckers can feed a gnome family of 8 and still have leftovers!!! Gotta run and get the sage and onion stuffing ready - come'ere little birdy....cute birdy.....

: : : : : Gnome Dome

: : : : Dear Gnome Dome,

: : : : So, we'll keep the mushrooms, but bein' as yer providin' the meat, plus sage and onion stuffin', I guess I'll save the leeks for makin' up a pot o' my great-grandmother's famous leek sherbet for dessert, okay? Any special brand o' ale ye favor?

: : : : She Who Tracks

: : : Well I am kinda partial to Bass Ale, but any true ALE will do.
: : : I don't go in for that panther pee most folks drink. Pilsner
: : : I think they call it. Blecht!! Yuk. The meatier the better
: : : when it comes to ale. If you feel like you have had a full meal after drinking a pint, then you have had ALE!!!

: : : Maybe if we feed a little Taddy Porter to that dang parrot he
: : : will kinda stagger and swoon into the pot saving a lotta chasing and feathers flying, what do ya think?

: : : Gnome Dome

: : Dear Gnome Dome,

: : I'm more in favor o' settin' a saucer o' Miss Marcia's Mint Julep concoction beside his perch. He doesn't seem the kind of parrot who would go for the preferred refreshments o' common tavern folk, but bein' a elite kind o' bird, might could be enticed to wet his whistle in a upper-class bev'rage. Far's I know, there's no surer route to fallin' off yer perch than one o' Miss Marcia's Mint Juleps. What say ye?

: : She Who Tracks

: Well..........that would put Miss MMMMMarcia in collusion with us in subverting the parrot into the pot. Don't know if she would go for that, but if'n you can talk her into it, sure! Give it a rip!

: Gnome Dome

Dear Gnome Dome,

Don't plan to put her in collusion with us. Was thinkin' more along the lines o' pocketin' a thimblefull of the Julep clanDEStinely whilst imbibing during one o' her afternoon teaparties on her veranda. Howsever, that would put off our dinner for a while. Depends on how much ye want green parrot as part o' the stew! Of course, this all depends on whether or not we can get Miss Marcia out o' her current fix after she gunned down half o' Mohicanland on her front porch today. Seems like nothin' ever is easy around here.


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