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Posted by The Bee Holder on March 04, 2000 at 16:14:19:

In Reply to: Re: The Busy Bees Get To Work posted by Miss Marcia on March 04, 2000 at 14:43:08:

: : Little Bees, I think it's time we helped Miss Marcia get things back to rights after the late unpleasantness that has laid waste to her fair home. Everybee ready for some happy toil on her beehalf? Fine! Let's get to work.

: : Miss Bee Haven, take your partying girl bees into the gardens and along the pathway and plump up all those poor Spring flowers that got trampled down so sadly. It'll keep you all out of mischief for a while. Don't forget to plump up the stems that got bent and pushed into the mud. Might help to spread a little extra pollen around to encourage them to seed a little extra this year.

: : Gore Bee, since you'realways a-rushin' and fanning your wings, why don't you take your Bee-Two Squad through the house and fan out all the dust and carry out that mud that has dried on the floor?

: : Bee Witch, you can take your Zom Bees through the parlor and the hall and levitate those tumbled vases and flowers back on the shelves. And don't forget the portraits of Miss Marcia's ancestors - they need to be set back on their hooks on the walls.

: : Honey Bee, I think Miss Marcia would take it kindly if you applied a little bee wax to gluing together some of her pottery that got cracked and broken, and when you've got the pieces back together, Bee Witch will see that they're all levitated back in the right places. You might also see what you can do with that broken window pane in the parlor.

: : Bee Lay, you and the Pirate Bees are good at scavenging. It would help mightily if you would crawl over the kitchen walls and ceiling and clean off the remains of that bacon grease and scrambled egg that Miss Marcia couldn't reach.

: : All together now! Happy humming of hundred busy bee songs to make the place cheerful and raise Miss Marcia's spirits!

: : I'll just bee about fixing this screen door and getting it back on it's hinges, myself. I see Sheriff Twigg and She and Dweebie and Uncle Wiscone are pitching in to help. We should have everything back to rights in a jiffy, and then we'll all get together and take Miss Marcia out to a quick dinner at JFC's Fast Foods.

: : The Bee Holder

: !~!!!!!!!!!~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

: Oh, my, y'all are SEW nice to help me get things put to rights again. I do thank you, from the bottom of my Southern born and bred li'l ol' heart! But now, you MUST let me do my share, and when we have it all put to rights, I'd like to cook a wonderful dinner for everyone in my Famous DownHome Kitchen. No need to head out to JFC Fast Foods when I've got plenty that would only go to waste if we don't eat it. I need to use up these taters that got run over...usually I wait until they've been COOKED to smash them like that, but I'm sure I can turn them into a tasty dish. Then there's this trampled armadillo right outside the back door...usually I have to forage over on the George Road to find the fixin's for my Stuffed George RoadKill Armadillo, but here it is, already waitin' on me. And the corn has pretty well been pre-creamed, so we'll cook it up, too. And looky here...the platter of my Famous DownHome Fuu-uuuudge wasn't hurt at all! It will be perfect for dessert. I'll just set it over here outta the way of the CleanUp Crew, and EEEEEEEEEEEK! Thud!! Uh-oh...I sure didn't see Hector lyin' there in the way. *sigh* I'm gettin' sorta tired of pickin' myself up off the ground around here. And...ummmm...I reckon we'll goin' without dessert tonight, since Hector has pretty well Hoovered all the fuu-uuuuudge that hit the floor.

: All's well that ends well, though, and we'll have a fine ending to our day of cleaning up the DownHome Kitchen.

: Yours Ever So Gratefully,
: Miss Marcia

Dear Miss Marcia,

That's all right - never you mind the lost fudge. I'll just send the Honey Bees back to the Calm Bee Nation to pick up some of their special Honey Nut Cake that everybee likes so well. We'll have a fine feast yet, and we do thank you for having us all to dinner. Never mind trying to set up places for the Swarm at the dining room table - they can cluster comfortably on the fireplace mantel and the window sills, and they'll be quite happy. Here, let me put this little bouquet of Spring Crocuses in the middle of the table. Now, for a peaceful and companionable evening in Mohicanland for a change. Seems as if we've earned it. My! That stuffed armadillo smells delicious!

The Bee Holder

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