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Posted by GnomeDome on March 08, 2000 at 19:49:33:

In Reply to: Re: Is it just me, or...... posted by Diana on March 08, 2000 at 19:36:28:

: : : : : Is it just me , or has anyone else noticed that in just about any fast building thread, there is likely to be found mention of loincloths or kilts or the likes? Not that I'm complaining, mind you, it's just a bit difficult getting through the rest of me workday with visions of "brawny Scots charging sans kilt, with pointy objects and such" - why it's more than my tender widdle heart can bare, ...oops I mean bear. Yup, ya gotta love MohicanLand!!!

: : : : : Fanning away a delicate blush while returning to work related duties,

: : : : : Diana

: : : : Hey, want I, Birdie, should bring bring ya a beakfull of cold water??? *splash!*

: : : : BTB

: : : ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

: : : What about the little GnomeButt armor, Diana. That's GOTTA do it for ya!
: : : Dana S.
: : ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

: : Now there you girls go again. You`ll start a buzz about loincloths. I plan on staying in my "loincloth or breechclout" all weekend. Don`t you start something that will make me blush or I may have to re-think this......NOT!!

: : Clabert
: : ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
: : ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~>

: Not to worry sir, I learned my lesson when as young lass I asked (with eyelashes batting) a good friend of mine (of Clan Henderson) the obvious question in reference to what was worn under his kilt. "Nothing but lipstick" was his reply, and it sent me stammering away with blazing cheeks. As I attended the gathering last year with a severe sunburn, I do not intend to trek through the mountains this go round with cheeks o'fire! So I will make no reference to said loincloth wearing, and I certainly have no curiosty about what is worn under GnomeButt armor! (I hope that's not where Doc M gets her GnomeButt - er!)

: So bring on the Loincloths! Bring on the Kilts! They'll not affect me, oh no! Not a "second" look will you get from me (minutes or hours maybe!)

: *she says as she stands tall and courageous against the impending visual temptations*

: Diana

Perfectly understandable about your lack of curiosity as to what if anything is under gnome butt armor. Sad thing is, Betty Gnome has the same lack of interest! :(


Wouldnt matter anyways - the dang thing is rusted on like to NEVER come off. Last time I wear it swimming......

Somebody suggested perhaps brass....well, ain't no way. I wouldn't wanna suffer the resulting jokes about spherical objects composed of 80% copper, 20% tin.


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