Re: What's Worn Under A Scotsman's Kilt?

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Posted by Billy R on March 11, 2000 at 20:43:51:

In Reply to: Re: What's Worn Under A Scotsman's Kilt? posted by davey gunn on March 11, 2000 at 19:22:14:

: : : : : :
: : : : : : : Hi!

: : : : : : : I know, I know!! I'm way behind everyone else! This 'thread' is now 'yesterday's news' and if it were real paper, we'd be eating our 'chips' from it! Well, I just thought you might want the answer to that age old question.

: : : : : : : Any Scotsman worth his 'claymore' will tell you if you ask 'what's worn beneath the kilt?' - 'nothing, it's all in perfect working order!' :0)

: : : : : : : Best wishes,
: : : : : : : Kate.

: : : : : : Bravo, Kate! That's my lass!

: : : : : : Gayle

: : : : :
: : : : : Dearest Lasses......

: : : : : ......i'll tell yee all what i wear under me buckle shoes, diced hose, and a wee bit of blue ribbon......and if yee lasses doubt me word, tis no boast......i'll take yer hand, and show yee fer certain.......fer i is a man of few words....and evryone be'in the truth.......
: : : : : 'nuff said
: : : : : davey gunn, pvt 77th Reg
: : : : : Montgomerey's Highlanders

: : : Aye, 'tis true what me brother Davey Gunn writes of!! We are a "regimental" lot and we are as "true" as they come. For no Scotsman with any respect for hisself or his heritage would wear even a wee patch under the kilt. We Scotsman are not ashamed of what we have that we would hide it nor cover it!! So, there ye have it!! Pax Aye!!

: : : Cpl. Malcolm Angus MacWilliam, Clan Gunn of the far northern regions of Scotia, Caithness and the Orkney Isles, descendant of the great and terrible Chief Gunni, scourage of the Keiths!

: : O Yee of Scottish "pride",

: : Well, if that is all true, then I would NOT want to be the one who has to WASH your dang kilts! Yuck. There IS a REASON for undergarments ya know.....and given that at the times there was no Mr. Whipple the Charmin man around, nor anything but rough leaves.....well you get the ugly picture.

: : And they wonder why we English often refused to shake the hand of a Scotsman. Ha!

: : A little fractured history....the Scots didn't win their battles by force of arms. Oh no. It was their custom to moon the enemy before battle, and whenever they did that little thing, the enemy fell over into a deathlike swoon from the stench!!!

: : Billy who is NOT Scotch/Irish but English/Irish (with a lot of German thrown in)

: Billy me bucko.......
: I don't mean to be corrective, or disrespectful of anyone with the way i wear me kilt........but, based on the time we be a talkin' 'bout.....there was no such thing as "underwear".....see'in as that didn't get invented 'til early in the nineteenth, even your ancestral kin were devoid of to speak!!
: 'nuff said
: davey gunn

Well........I don't claim to be an expert, but I am sure SOME kind of undergarment was worn, else why would everybody be wondering at what or what NOT was worn under the kilt? I mean,
if NOBODY had some sorta covering between the family pride and the outer garment, WHY would everybody wonder? They would KNOW, that EVERYBODY be nekkid under the trousers, kilt, bodkin, etc etc.

but let's ask an expert on such things....Doc Mary would know, as she has administered to just about everybody in every time. Now, if there ever was an expert on what mankind wore, or didnt wear, SHE would certainly know in her great vast experience in such things.

Billy R

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