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Posted by Gnome Dome on March 15, 2000 at 10:19:35:

In Reply to: Re: Looky There! posted by Diana on March 15, 2000 at 07:29:30:

: : : : but a Doc's gotta do what
: : : : : a Doc's gotta do.

: : : : : Doc M

: : : : Yeah, we know. And how ELSE would your pallet have become so well worn???? It's well worn because, as you say, Doc's gotta do what Doc's gotta do.

: : : : *sticking thumbs in ears and wiggling hands while sticking tongue out - even though he knows she can't see him, it makes him feel SO GOOD to do it!*

: : : : Nya nya nya. *Gives Doc M the Irish salute*

: : : : Gnome Dome

: : : Hmmmm. Hmmmm. What was the term they used in Apocalypse
: : : Now..."carpet bombing?" I think if the Huron boys and
: : : I stand side by side in a line and walk forward slowly,
: : : pounding every single inch of the floor with large croquet
: : : mallets, we might just squash the little bugger flatter
: : : than a road-killed possum on Route 95!

: : : Doc M

: : The gnome stands to the side, leaning up against a tree with his arms crossed, watching the ludricrous sight of a line of rather dim-witted Huron - Doc Mary in the middle - hitting the ground with silly croquet mallets. He ponders....what shall we do with their labors so that they don't labor for naught? That would make a really nice fairway.....hmmmmm.....maybe a Mohicanland golf course? I hear there are some of Scottish extraction hereabouts...surely they brought their clubs with them!!

: : Or, geez, if these twits continue the way they are...they will end up in Albany. I guess we could paint a yellow line down this thing and call it the beginning of the EisenMary interstate highway system.

: : Hey!! You guys in the kilts!!! Get OUTTA there! No, dammit, don't be putting that little wee ball on that little wee wooden stand...we aint made our mind up yet. *Sheesh. These louts in plaid 'clouts don't waste any time teeing off on old Doc Mary, do they? Thinks the gnome with a very big grin forming at the thought of a wee white dimpled ball hitting the old Doc right in the dimples *

: : Gnome Dome

: Hey Doc,

: Last night, while watching the 3.2 seconds of TV I get a chance to watch each week, I come upon a Geico Direct commercial. Have you seen it? Did you write it? In it the Geological Survey Team is rushing in to investigate a housing jumping up and down, and in the front yard is a wee little gnomey man, complete with red pointy hat, falling over due to the shaken ground. Maybe there's some ideas there, huh????? Those mallets just may not cover enough ground!

: Diana


Well THAT suggestion was mighty thoughtless and ill-conceived!
Good lord woman, don't you know her sister was crushed by a house! Yup, one fell outta the sky right on top of her...all you could see was her feet in those stupid booties twitching for a few seconds, then all was still. Man! Did Doc M blow a gasket!!! Threatened dogs, wee folk, everybody within sight.

I don't think she will thank you for bringing back bad memories!!!

Gnome Dome

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