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Posted by Gnome Dome on March 15, 2000 at 18:16:34:

In Reply to: Re: All's Fair ... posted by Ms. E-LAYNE on March 15, 2000 at 16:04:58:

: :
: : : : : French Trader

: : : : Yeah, well French Trader, if'n you are gonna cover THAT backside,
: : : : you better get about 40 or 50 buddies to help you. THAT backside covers a LOTTA width.....takes a heap o' coverin'!!!! heee heeeeeeee!!!!

: : : : Now, let me make sure I got everything I needs to deliver to sweet MMMMMarcia for this here little contest with Doc...hmmmm...yeah, horseshoe (for inside of glove), nice heavy shot filled sap (for getting Doc's attention), some salt and sulfur (for casting in Doc's evil eyes at opportune moments),
: : : : baseball bat (no explanation needed), boxing trunks with WIDE waistband and deep pockets for holding all these accesories outta sight of the Ref, Boxing booties a'la Live or Let Die with dagger in toe......hmmm that should cover it!!! Wouldn't wanna give MMMMarcia unfair advantage ya know!

: : : : Gnome Dome

: : : Bring it ON! I will defeat any vile acts of treachery
: : : with clear eyes and a pure heart! All the angels of
: : : heaven are behind me! And I've got to stop now, because
: : : I'm making MYSELF sick with this drool! All I've got
: : : to say is, the referee for this here bout will be none
: : : other than my sister-under-the-scaly-skin, my hors-de
: : : combat! Ladies and Germs and nasty wee creatures of
: : : the forest, I present The Great and Most Terrible
: : : Mother of All Mohicanland ... Ms. E-LAYNE!!!!

: : : Doc M

: : Yeah, right......FALLEN angels more likely. Angels with leathern, batlike wings I expect. The only time YOU ever had clear eyes was that summer of the drought and the rum ran out.
: : Pure heart? The only pure heart YOU ever saw was the one that nasty Huron brought you taken from some Colonel something or other.

: : And as for E-Layne.......does she know you are talking about her like that? Man! I don't think I'D have the nerve to call her a scaly skinned creature.

: : Gnome Dome

: Dear Little Man ...

: We of pure hearts & celestial favor (that's the Doc & moi, in case you didn't notice) would never, never dream of courting & wooing the assistance of our opponents' fallen friends. I'm shocked you would even suggest such a dark alliance or imply the Great Hawk-Boy Boxing Bout Between the kind, fair, & gentle Doctor Mary & the ruthless, cheating, hair-puller MMMM would be refereed in any way other than fair & honest. You know, Gnome Man is an island & islands do sink.

: If you, who have declared yeself to be an ally of the ruthless, cheating hair puller, manage to survive the great match, I want you to know that you will STILL be cordially invited to attend the Heavenly Huron How'm I Doing, Honey? Victory Bash to be held in honor of Doctor Mary's upcoming Triumph.

: Will you be in attendance?

: Graciously yours,
: All's fair in love & war ref,
: E-Layne

yah, I'll be there. YOU won't see me of course, cause I will still be invisible. However, it won't be no victory bash you will be attending.....I wonder what the Huron term for "wake" is and if they have good eats and drink at such tributes to THEIR fallen as the good Irish do for their departed?

And I DO believe you have your adjectives and adverbs mixed up between personages there, my dear. I find it amazing that anybody could use words of virtue and goodness in the same context as Doc Mary. Pity. You were such a literate and wonderful chronicler make such a HUGE mistake in characterizations.

Oh my! What's that sound I hear in the distance? The banging of two coconuts together? Oh my word! Here come the allies of Miss MMMMarcia....King Arthur on his coconuts - er, I mean HORSE, his HORSE being followed by the viscious attack rabbit of fabled ferocity!! Beware DM you are in for it NOW!!!! Go for the throat little rabbit *not that I would take sides mind you*

Gnome Dome

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