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Posted by Gayle on March 19, 2000 at 12:50:18:

In Reply to: The Every Other Weekly Update?? Here's Why ... posted by Rich/Mohican Press on March 19, 2000 at 05:53:49:

: Been erratic ... I know ...

: Sometimes the head is in it, but the heart ain't. Then, at other times, it's vice-versa. For nearly eight years, my life has been consumed by "The Last of the Mohicans." Make that CONSUMED!!! Even I'm starting to think I'm crazy. Not even counting personal factors, outside the confines of MohicanLand, there are signs that I am beginning to burn out. Some days I'm full of fire & gusto & can feel the creative juices begin to flow, but then, the well is dry. Other days, I don't even want to THINK about it. Perhaps its getting all too complicated, almost like work. Too many entanglements; too little cooperation ... I'm speaking vaguely here, so it'd be unwise to try to read between the lines. You'll probably come away with the wrong conclusions.

: The Site?? We maxed out at over 1600 visitors per day a while ago, as the Director's Cut was being released. It's settled in now at a steady 1300 or so, per day ... way over where we were this time last year. The book sells as well as it has ever. The Trading Post is hot & cold, as always. The Board is as lively as ever ... more so! It has never filled up as quickly as it does now. Opinions on the Director's Cut are over 60% in its favor. So, the problem lies elsewhere ...

: One factor, for sure, is other pursuits. Elaine has jumped into another project with gusto & that keeps her away from here most of the time. I feel the loss. There are things I was doing when this Web Site began, that I have now had on the back burner for years. I could go on & on ... I don't want to depress anyone ... Even as I write this, I can feel the attachment to this place and that makes it hard, very hard, to pass the torch.

: Before even there was a species named "Mohicanites," there was an early, less populous critter named "Moheckies." Our existance has, in many ways, paralleled theirs. When this Site first went up, I heard from a couple of them ... glad that someone had carried the torch on for them. Weird. Full circle???

: Nah ... I don't think so. I ain't ready for that. I will look for solutions elsewhere. Scaling back in some areas is very possible. There is one section we may slice off entirely. The Site will "always" be here, as long as I can afford to keep it up, if only as a reference tool ... hopefully always a lot more than that!

: What the heck is he saying??? I can hear some of you now. There's no real point to this ... just some feelings, all jumbled together. Bottom line is I love this place, had a heckava lotta fun building it, but now it is draining, all too often, & I must find a way to rejuvenate. I think that sums it all up ...

: One way is .... The Gathering! I love it when spontaneous things happen, and the music discussed by Ann & Bill (added this week to the MohicanLand Masses Page, by the way) and Night Sky is just one of those things. I think it sounds fantastic! Should provide a perfect ending! This Gathering seems to be taking on a personality all its own. With the increase in period costume, with Clabert's trek, with the old-timey music ... Sound good! And then there's young folk like Nathan who posted recently. According to his Mom "a Hawkeye fanatic" ... he bought a sash & choker not too long ago, in fact ... Love that youthful exhuberance! At any rate, The Gathering is only about 3 months away now, so GET TO IT. Make your reservations, get on with your plans ... It'll be time before you know it!

Dear Rich,

It's a big job, being a Mentor Man! I think every one of us understands what a difficult year you have had - trying to keep up with a thousand things, many of which have been good, but many of which have been very difficult, angering and depressing, to say the least. We all know what "burn-out" means, and you deserve a break, if anyone does.

We really miss your input when you are not participating - there's always a sense of something important and congenial missing when you and Elaine are not bopping in and out with posts. But I would say the Board will keep rolling even if you take some much-needed time to focus on other things. It's a great gathering place for all of us, and if you notice, whenever it gets ho-hum, we manage to scare up something to laugh or argue about and keep the crowd together. A little time out makes it fresh and even more enjoyable when one comes back.

The responsibility of monitoring the site for nasties will not go away, of course, and it wouldn't exactly help your burn-out situation if you reduced your log-on time to simply policing, but we don't HAVE to have a weekly update every Sunday, so you could let that go unless there's something you particularly want to communicate.

I think we need to be a little kinder to you and think about all you do for us day in and day out, year after year. You're too good to lose, and we want you to enjoy the site as much as we all enjoy everything you provide for us.

Thanks for the e-mail from Finland. It was a real eye-opener. Amazing how the whole world plugs into this site for anything related to LOTM. You deserve some kind of international award for putting this whole thing together!

Love and unending appreciation for all you do, Great Sachem!


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