Re: Gathering Gear?...and scientific method!

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Posted by Diana on March 22, 2000 at 09:45:54:

In Reply to: Re: Gathering Gear?...the lates gadget news! posted by MMMMarcia on March 22, 2000 at 08:16:30:

: O' Exalted and Benevolent Gadget Girl,

: I bow to your phenominal perspicacity and capacious cleverness in finding this ultimate of cooling devices! Just the description of it fairly boggles my mind (not that my mind is ever UN-boggled, doncha know, boggledness being its more-or-less natural state)! Color me impressed, amazed, and greedily envious! Target will be my next stop today, you can rest assured. Between us, we should be able to lower the annual mean temperature of western North Carolina by a significant amount, I should think, as we go traipsing merrily along, misting and singing, tra-la, tra-la! Imagine hot, old sweaty Clabert & crew, following in our Footsteps of Coolness, trying in vain to suck up a few of those errant molecules of comfort! heheee Please say you'll allow me to be a Charter Member of the HHH Club!

: Once again, I salute you, Gadget Girl, and Cecelia, the Gear Gal, and tender you my utmost respect for this revolutionary discovery!

: She-Who-Fervently-Hopes-That-This-Makes-Persona-#21!! (*me, sticking my fingers in my ears, and making a loudly rude noise in the General DI-rection of Lainey's Edict!!!)....

: *my work here is done...I...AM...OUTTAHERE!!



Once again, being thankful for that ever useful gadget, THE DICTIONARY (since us Gadget Girls are usually too busy playing with our gadgets to enhance our vocabulary enough to realize how perspicacous we are), I would personaly like to invite you to become a charter member of the HHH club, and thank you SEW much for giving me a wonderful idea. Being the scientist that I am, always looking for another clinical trail to run, I have an absolutely magnificent design for a "cliffical trial", if you will.

My study design involves those of the *trekking persuasion* to do an eensy, weensy, little test run of the entire cliff trail, making temperture measurments with their own scientific authentic re-creation of temperature gauges (their sweaty, grimey, flushed little faces) at the beginning, midpoint, and end of the trail. One caveat to this method is that the first sample population (SP#1) SHOULD NOT stop at the Devil's Shower (where Alice did her imitation of "I Will Follow Him, Follow Him Wherever He May Go") to receive any misty facial refreshment. Sample population #2 (SP#2-that's us members of the HHH Club) will then "traipse mistily along the trail, at a comfortably cool leisurely pace (while SP#1 waits on the VERY HOT chimney for our UNtimely return). As soon as SP#2 arrives exhilarated and reinvigorated from there little ambulation, SP#1 will then re-navigate the cliff trail, taking measurements once again with the same instruments at any area where there may be the slightest remains of becloudment of the SP#2 trail meander.

If at the conclusion of this trial, if SP#1 has any impairment or exhuastive state of their measuring devices, an alternative method of calculating the temperature change would be to measure the amount of perspiration rung from a towel (did they have towels in the 1750's ???) kept at the end of trail.

Conclusions will then be drawn from SP#3 (those MohicanLand Gatherers not of the *trekking persuasion* and not members of the HHH Club) as to which method of cliff travel appears to be the most renewing and refreshing. At this time, sales of the HHH units will commence and the CRP Staff will provide consent forms, of the proceed at your own risk variety, since the trail will certainly be very slippery from the humidity generated from the days experiment (a little mist...a LOT of sweat)!!!

Thank you once again MMMM for giving me that magnanimicifent idea!

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