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Posted by Seamus on March 22, 2000 at 12:36:01:

In Reply to: Sporadic Attacks at Carlisle posted by Cpl. MacWilliam on March 22, 2000 at 08:44:29:

: Cousin Seamus and Friend Timothy,

: My time is limited for this message since we have been put on notice by Sgts. Campbell and MacDougall that we will for forming up within the hour to range in a mile radius around the Fort and Village of Carlisle in protection of the colonists.

: The latest message I sent you of the attack on the cabins of McCreary and Cavanaugh has grown to the burning of several other cabins within the area. Most of the settlers have left their homes to come within the confines of Fort Carlisle or are staying with kin or friends within the village, Colonel Bouquet having deployed Armstrong's provincials to protect that area.

: Early this morning, another burning and attack occurred a home about 2 miles to the west of Carlisle. However, the inhabitants had relocated to the fort only yesterday, so there were no slayings. We could see the smoke from this cabin early this morning and the 60th Lights were sent to investigate.

: Captain Croy has informed us that we will be detained here at Carlisle for another few days until the Colonel is satisfied that these are sporadic attacks by a small group of Indians, these attacks able to be contained by provincial troops as the 60th and 77th move on to Fort Morris. Today the grenadier companies of the 60th and our own 77th are to be brigaded as we scout the area to the north and west for sign of the savages and their French masters.

: I have sent Sign Talker east to find our longhunter cousins, Many Flags and Three Tales, to urge them with all haste to meet us either here or at Fort Morris. I do expect them to be coming in soon, for Sign Talker knows the area east of here and believes it will take our cousins only a few more days to us reach here from the Lancaster area, they be traveling 25 to 30 miles each day.

: Uncle Quasi continues to keep us company, and his young lasses. It is amazing how the lasses change, some days they are two red haired, some days dark or tow headed lasses, and most days a mixture. They certainly enjoy themselves, but Uncle Quasi always displays the most gentlemanly attention to their needs. He is a father for you to be proud of, Seamus.

: Our prayers for Timothy as his hand heals. Make all haste cousin. The days pass as we prepare to journey south to Loudoun and thence on to Frederick to aid our cousins' nephew, Half Breed and the Patuxents. It is indeed possible we will not be here when you arrive and our meeting will take place at Loudoun. I mentioned all these plans to your father and he is excited to stay with you, even on the journey to Frederick. I believe he would be a good traveling companion, especially as he draws the young ladies in flocks to his side!

: Pax Aye! (have you heard any news of Uncle Angus?)

: your cousins, Malcolm and Davey

Cousins Malcolm and Davey!

Your dispatch has just arrived by courier.

I, too, have but a moment...some of our Indians have come in with information that some French and several of their Indians have been spotted to the west and north of Ft. Augusta. They are travelling this direction, and Col. Burd wishes us to mount a patrol to investigate and report back to him as soon as we can determine their strength and true direction. He will maintain the garrison on full alert in case an immediate attack is warranted. I, along with Rangers Kuhns and Ranck have been ordered to go out once. We will dog-trot to the area of the Loyalsock and await these intruders there. We will be able to observe unnoticed from the point above the village. I suspect they will try to enlist the Indians there to aid them. I do not believe Ft. Augusta will be a target, as it is too strong and easily defended, but some of the outlying farms to the south and west of here are in grave danger.

Timothy is progressing satisfactorily. The surgeon says I did right in reattaching his two fingers, although they will be stiff and non-functional. His fever is broken, and his spirits are improving. His bride, Gloria, was in a real tizzy, as you can well imagine, but Nancy has been very good with her. It will, however, be several weeks before he will be able to be out and about much, and after that...we will see.

Here come Rangers Kuhns and Ranck...I must go. No word on Uncle Angus in about a month...Keep a good eye on Father for me...Tell him I am anxious to see him...and give him my love.

Cousin Seamus

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