3 Years! ... And Gathering Update!

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Posted by Rich/Mohican Press on March 26, 2000 at 07:14:44:

This weekend marks two On The Trail-related events ... 3 months from this weekend is the 2000 Great Mohican Gathering. More on that below. 3 years ago we received our Domain Name, followed shortly by a Web Site on the Net! We just paid for a 2 year extention, so I guess you're all stuck with us for at least that long. Oh well ...

In response to my post last Sunday, we received a mess of supportive e-mails & phone calls, offering some good advice & suggestions. You are a great bunch, let me just tell ya! I have this habit (bad or good, I'm not sure) of thinking out loud. A lot of times, that's what I do here. Honestly, I don't say these things for the purpose of gaining sympathy. REALLY! I just kind of run my mouth & let you in on what's going on in the dark, deep recesses of my mind. Nevertheless, your responses never fail to pick me/us up. It's good to know that someone is paying attention! THANK YOU, ALL!

Representative of the responses is this one, which I'll quote in part. It comes via US Mail from someone who has watched this Site for a long time, but prefers anonymity. No problem ...

"March 19, 2000

Dear Rich & Elaine:

Rich, I had to write to you after reading your post today. I know that I won't say this the way it should be said, but I will try. I know we do not realize how much self-absorbed nonsense you & Elaine edure because of this Website. It is not right and it is not fair and for that I am truly sorry. As I have stated [in previous contacts], this is the BEST Website I have found on the Internet. I have learned so much through it. I have laughed, cried, been surprised, and thoroughly enjoyed it's many facets!! Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all you have done!!

Rich, I'm really looking forward to your Companion Guidebook! It sounds fascinating! The "On The Trail Of The Last Of The Mohicans" CD-ROM would be fabulous!


Elaine, THANK YOU so much for your warm and gracious welcome which you gave me awhile ago. ... I truly want you to know that I appreciated your kind words!


Just for the record, I LOVE the DVD!! The first time I watched it, the changes were different. I knew I loved the clarity and the sound was fabulous, but I wasn't absolutely sure just how much I loved it, until the Final Scene. I would NEVER have believed that scene could get any more heart wrenching, but it did. It is one of the most poignant and touching scenes I have ever seen. It was PERFECT!! Very few things have touched me that deeply, and I can't imagine why Michael Mann didn't include it in the theatrical release of the movie! I TRULY LOVE IT!

Thank you for everything. You have created a wondeful place, and you are both an indispensable and essential part. Please know how important you are to the very fabric of the Site. It goes without saying how much we care about you. THANK YOU."

[Any typos are mine! RF]

Sounds like you said it pretty well to me! Thanks all! You know, sometimes, sitting here at your computer in the privacy of your home, you sort of forget the impact you might be having on so many people. I will make every effort not to forget it again!

OK ...

The Gathering ... By my calculations (unofficial, as folks are sending their money to two different places), we have just about 60 people signed up, or strongly verbally committed, to this year's event.

Here's the list as I know it (I hope I don't inadvertantly leave anyone out!):

2000 Great Mohican Gathering Attendees

From The FIRST Great Mohican Gathering (most of whom were also at last year's Gathering):

Mary Bjork
Kathie Branson
Sharon Cagle
John, Linda & Kelli Evans
Rich Federici
Rosalinda Haddon
John Harkins
Eric Hurley
Karen Kohles
Isle Mann
Emily & Kevin McGowan
Marcia Meara
Jay Propst
Jo Tishler

From LAST Year's Great Mohican Gathering:

Jenifer Huey
Sarah Melcher
Sandy Noykoff
Penny & Alma Parrish
Kate Penman
Darla & Dave Purcel
Ayesha & Collin Rognlie
Cecelia Scott
Len & Gwen Shipley
Diana Strickland
Sarah & Mark Zentner

First Timers:

Kathleen Broderick, plus husband & son (I have no names, sorry!)
Ann Colby & Bill MacLeod
Amanda & Barry Doyle
Mary Garland & Rob Kruys
Stan & Teri Golden
Adele Grandon
Debra Holland
Yolanda & Dan Huffman
Jayne Langan & Karen Williamson
Clabert Menard
Beth Pukanecz
Bill & Betty Rooks
Jo Sampson
Connie Scott
Dana Steckler
Kathy, Mark & Nathan Whitney
Karen Williamson

Total To Date: 61

If you name does NOT appear, but should, or if your name DOES appear, but shouldn't, please let us know ASAP!!! Trying to get our records straight!

Now, IMPORTANT!!! If you haven't yet paid for one day or the other (that's Chimney Rock Park or Biltmore Estate) PLEASE do so as soon as you possibly can!!! Contracts & fees need to be paid; catering demand needs to be figured, etc. etc. So, you'll really help out Marcia & I with the book keeping and payments if you can send us your reservations really, really SOON!!! OK?

Also, there's still a spot or two at the Creekside Cabins available. If you want it, it's yours. Just let MMMM know. If you plan on donating items to the general Raffle or to Ariel's Raffle, please let either Marcia (general) or Kate (Ariel's) know of your intentions & work out the details.

And, if you want a ticket (or up to 3) for the special Wampum Raffle of a genuine REAL WAMPUM Hawkeye Sash & Chingachgook Choker act on that, as well. You need not be a potential Gathererer to enter or to win.
Copy & paste this URL into your Browser for details: http://www.mohicanpress.com/mo02009.html

Finally, the T-Shirts are being worked on and we should see results soon. Then, it will be time to place your order for your Third Annual Great Mohican Gathering Commemorative T-Shirts! As soon as we have the details from Sharon, you will too! Sorry, but these are available ONLY to Mohican Gatherers!

What a GREAT group! Looking over that list, I can honestly admit to feeling the shakes! I can't wait to see all of you who I've already had the pleasure of meeting AGAIN! And there's a whole bunch of new people who will add their own brand of Mohican Personality to the weekend ... It should be GRAND! And ... to FINALLY meet The Gnome & his Bride! Woooooohoooooo! (Sorry, Dana. I stole your line!)

The list figures to grow some, but, sadly, there are some names we know will NOT be here this year, as they've notified us to that effect ... among them Chris Boone, Danalee Lavelle-Burroughs, Glen & Lynn Daniel, and Caitlin & Jeff Capps. One of the reasons for Jeff & Caitlin not being able to attend is ... They are expecting their first CHILD in September!!!!! Jeff & Caitlin, a lot of fun at The Gathering last year ... Jeff fit RIGHT in!! (and Caitlin at BOTH) will be missed, but WOW! CONGRATULATIONS!!! We wish you the very best!!!

One more thing ... to alleviate just a little of the Web Site related stress, we've hastily thrown up a FAQ's page. It will be revamped, & probably re-worded, soon ... Was doing that in the midst of a phone conversation with Rebecca last night. Hi Rebecca! Accessible via our Home Page ...

Meanwhile, it's not too late to join in on the June fun in MohicanLand ... Follow the link!

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