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Posted by Doc M on March 27, 2000 at 15:46:13:

In Reply to: Re: For Dana - THE TALE, Part One posted by Vita TC/TT on March 27, 2000 at 10:27:18:

: Dear Dana,

: Thanks for your post, and yes indeed Part II will have lotsa more, which as I've said, will pertain to the spiritual part of THE ROSE.
: If you like our tales, check out our Reading Parlor at
: where we have sample chapters of our tales, posted.
: Dana, also, if you like tales, considering creating your own! Sharpen your pen!
: It might take you a while, sometimes years, sometimes months... depending on how long it's been brewing inside of you....
: If you should feel this is a daunting task, check out Marie's novel... Marie had been germinating this novel inside her soul for years, but had not been ready to put it on paper. And yet... once she decided she was ready to rip open the floodgates, the tale burst out in record time... a splashing, crystal clear geyser reaching out to heavens....
: And Maris is a long time LOTM resident; only she has chosen to remain in the shadows. She'd been reading the posts but never post herself. For inspiration, if you wish, you can e mail her at

: also, there are two other authors, longtime LOTMers, who are gearing themselves for that ultimate commitment of unleashing their creativity....

: Sail Away!
: In light, love and laughter....

: Vita

Well, this Olde Grey Mare is glad you hung in there as well,
Vita. It's not easy to break into our little close-knit
group of weirdies, but we're all glad you took the tar
and feathers and stayed with us.

I apologize that this post is so nice...ugh! Blame it
on a lack of my usual Gnome-e-cue. Makes me light-headed!

Doc M

: Goodmormrning, Townies!
: : : I hope you are enjoying a peaceful Sunday.
: : : Here is The Tale of THE ROSE, as promised. However, it will be a rather long one, so I shall present it in installments.
: : : It was around October 1997, that I first discovered THE BOARD. Like most of you, I had seen LOTM (for the second time) during a TV re-run (I believe Turner channel), and with the haunting music still playing in my ears and eyes misty from Duncan and Uncas and Alice's deaths, had surfed the net to find more information on the movie and its players.
: : : Upon keying in the title, naturally many links popped up, I scrolled, read the inviting review about a particular website related to the movie, and clicked on it.
: : : Now, I can say Henceforth I was a Merry Poster And the Rest is History, but no, sit tight and read on, for the real history has just began....
: : : Mind you, at that time, though having used the internet for information and advertising (I had my own sizeable website re. my art and graphics business as well as my series of movels) I was a newbie as far as chatting or posting is concerned. I had never entered any of the chatrooms before, neither had I posted on any board. Observing the name Mohican Press and its close ties to LOTM, I assumed the Board was a promotional chataway, and I remember talking about reincarnation and (at the time) Mercury retrograde. Reincarnation was because I believe that certain people feel a great affinity to certain historical eras due to the fact that they have lived during that era and for some compelling reason (an exceedingly tragic or happy life and unfinished business) are still tied to it. Also, as I was merrily posting, I conceived the notion that Eric Schweig would make a great Lester Gordon (why? read RIDE THE EAGLE synopsis in THE ROSE!), the hero in that particular novel.
: : : Anyhow, Ride the Eagle, being published in 1987 and sold worldwide (to term it loosely, actually just in the US, Canada, Mexico, Bermuda, Spain, England, Ireland, New Zealand, Australia and small amounts in Germany and Turkey), was then out of print. You could not buy a single copy unless I gave you one as a gift, and since I had only 50 or so books left... what I am saying is that I was not mentioning Eric Schweig and RTE to make a bundle by selling something non-existent. However, I really thought and still think, that Eric suited the part and perhaps... who knows... there might a groundswell in his favor and I can run with this idea to find financing for its filming.

: : : Interstingly, and in retrospect, really quite touchingly, many a LOTMer got offended by this notion; they thought here I was, taking advantage of a private website set up for The Guide Book to promote my own wares. On top of it, some thought I was a wacko talking about Mercury retrograde (during that time, a lot of communication miz ups occur, and it was happening then).
: : : I was surprised, even hurt, and tried to explain myself, and the harder I tried, the bigger grew the foot in my mouth.

: : : Anyhow, I had loved the site, because each time I clicked on the link, I did more than just staying on the Board, but surfed around, and was astonished and pleased, at the width and breadth of the information available here. Having reaalized now that this was a private enterprise, virtually non-profit, run by a husband and wife couple, my respect grew. And I hung in there, posting, chatting, and simultaneously reading. Being a writer and journalist, I had found my peers in Rich and Elaine and hey, there was no way I was going to turn and run away, and if I am tarred and feathered, I'd call it the latest fashion in designer wear.

: : : Actually, the tar and feathers bit wasn't so bad, in fact, interesting. Then some other intruders showed up, real nasty characters who were posting insulting nonsense, and my respect for the R & E Team grew; imagine to do such work out of no other motivation but love, really, love for LOTM, love for history, a calling to gather and present it to the masses, maintain/update the huge site, maintain the Board, and have to deal with the nonsense thrown at them, and still go on with this what ought to be called "public service" all really virtually for nothing other than obeying THE CALLING...

: : : Then came the day when I tuned into the Board and here was an official welcome and acceptance, even "... we are glad you hung in there!" declaration by R & E!

: : : Talking about being touched! Talking about stars (aka tears)in my eyes
: : : That was approximately 2 years ago.

: : : And then The Tale took on a most unexpected turn! A touchingly (for me, at least) beautiful, quite appropo, almost spiritual turn.... as if God had His Hand in it all along....

: : : To be continued next Sunday....
: : : 'til then,
: : : may you all live in love light and laughter

: : : Vita

: :
: : : ------------------------------------------------------------------------

: : I'll be waiting, Vita! I don't know about anyone else, but I'm a sucker for all you storytellers. This looks to be a GREAT tale.

: : Dana S.

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