Big Trouble for Seamus

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Posted by Timothy on March 27, 2000 at 16:34:34:

In Reply to: Off to Fort Morris....Finally! posted by Cpl. Malcolm A. MacWilliam on March 27, 2000 at 10:33:48:

: Cousin Seamus and Friend Timothy,

: Time is short for we are finally moving once again. Baggage is being packed as we speak, and orders have been given that we march tomorrow morning for Fort Morris which is south of here.
: St. Andrew has blessed us with the arrival of Many Flags and Three Tales. They are here beside me as I write this. Their journey has been adventurous and both have been refreshed with romance, although I believe Cousin Flags is beginning to pine a bit while separated from his "liebe Magdalena" as he calls the Parson's daughter. Three Tales wife was well and the three bairns are in fine health.
: Uncle Quasi asks about you and if you do not make Carlisle in the next 24 hours, he will stay and await your arrival. The settlements and area surrounding this fort are now quiet. We have heard from Indian scouts that the marauding savages have moved west, a possible meeting between several of the northern tribes and the French has been hinted at. Many Flags, Three Tales and Sign Talker have been requested, by Colonel Bouquet and Captain Croy, to once again accompany the 77th grenadier company as we travel to Fort Morris. They will act as our scouting party and have been given leave to continue south with us to Fort Frederick once we have arrived at Loudoun.
: The 1st Sergeant's wife, Mistress Campbell, is calling for myself and Brother Gunn to aid in her packing. She is a boon to our company, always cheerful, and enjoys the jokes that we make. She will miss your father Quasi, for he made a special rum punch for her. However, just last evening he whispered the ingredients to me, so now I may keep on her good side. Keep the 1st Sergeant's wife in a cheerful mood and the whole grenadier company will reap the benefits!
: So, make haste, dear cousin. We have heard some stories again of the spirit which walks with his sheep. We believe it to be Uncle Angus and I have reminded the lads to keep their eyes open for him as we travel to Fort Morris. On, on to Frederick!
: Pax Aye! God Save the King!!

: Cpl. Malcolm Angus MacWilliam, 77th Grenadier Company

Friends Malcolm and Davey Gunn!

I have just this moment come from Seamus's old friend, Nischa Schakhokquiwannak, known as Deux Chemises,who has hurried here from Ostonwakin, Madame Montour's Town on the West Branch of the Susquehanna. He has told me that peril has befallen Seamus. He told me that he was present at Ostonwakin when Seamus was brought in by several Shawanese in the company of a renegade named M. du Ranck. This is the same one whom Sgt. Toot has been looking for. They had Seamus stripped and tied to a long pole by the wrists behind his back and pulled up above his shoulders. The pole was carried at each end by warriors who would, at their whim, lift up hard on the pole causing Seamus to scream in pain as his shoulders rotated back and up. He had also been severely beaten. Malcolm and Davey, this M. du Ranck is the one who passed himself off as a Provincial Ranger, Michael Ranck, and who, along with Ranger Kuhns, went with Seamus to the Loyalsock to gather intelligence on the reported French soldiers and Indians reported to be stirring up trouble there. The plan was to secure themselves high on the bluff overlooking the flat and watch what went on. Deux Chemises says nothing was seen of Ranger Kuhns. His fate is not known. It is said that Seamus was recognized as having been at Kittanning, and apparently is to be taken there to be tortured to death. They even had his face blackened with soot and charcoal. You know well the meaning of this! Even though Deux Chemises is French allied, he owes Seamus for saving his life years ago when Seamus found him trapped under a fallen tree after a severe storm and took care of him until he was well enough to travel on his own. He came here at great danger to himself to get help now for Seamus. Malcolm and Davey...I am going with Deux Chemises as my guide to pick up the trail of this war party and I will get Seamus back...or die trying. He tells me we can take another trail and intercept them somewhere near Chinklacamoose, since they will stop along the way to show off their prize. Deux Chemises says the Shawanese are boastful and revengeful people and will bray loudly at this coup.

My hand is healing well, and I can fire, with difficulty, a right handed rifle-gun even though I must load left handed. Nancy is terribly upset, as you can imagine, and Gloria is fearful for me now, too, but I must do what I can. Seamus is my friend, my mentor, and I owe him MY life, too. We will travel light, taking provisions along the way as we can. We will kindle no fire nor will we discharge a rifle-gun unless it is to save ourselves. I will certainly be put to a severe test, Malcolm and Davey, but I was taught by the best. I am confident I can do this thing...

Now I must be on my way. Time is of the essence here, and too much may have already passed.

Pray for me, my friends, but more importantly, pray for our Seamus. These savages know no end to cruelty...


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