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Posted by Timothy on March 29, 2000 at 15:00:25:

In Reply to: Flags and Tales to the Rescue posted by Cpl. MacWilliam on March 28, 2000 at 21:04:30:

: Friend Timothy,

: My brother, Pvt. Davey Gunn, and myself have just received your latest message concerning the capture of cousin Seamus. We have just arrived at the stockade called Fort Morris and there is much confusion as our troops have begun to lay out the castramentation of the camp, for we are to stay in this area for a week or more as we scout the area for any French and the allied savages.
: However, upon receiving your urgent message, Brother Gunn and I shouted out in disbelief and upon breaking the news to cousins Many Flags and Three Tales, they too were loud in their protestations. Only yesterday they met with us as we were leaving on the trail from Carlisle. These longhunter cousins of ours were greatly agitated as they learned of cousin Seamus's fate. They understand all of the message while we, being Scots new this Colonial America, were mystified by references to the savage torture and to the personages of Deux Chemises, Madame Montour, and M. du Ranck. Our longhunter cousins seem to know these persons and in their agitation they relayed to us that they must make all haste to aid cousin Seamus. They know the country well on the west branch of the Susquehanna where Madame Montour's town lies.
: We immediately spoke with Captain Croy who took us to Colonel Bouquet. The good Colonel gave leave to Many Flags and Three Tales along with Sign Talker to travel immediately to Seamus's rescue.
: Be assured, friend Timothy, that they will aid you in our cousin's rescue. He means much to us and we have not come this far on the road to Fort Frederick to lose our half Irish cousin to savage torture.
: It will certainly take several days for Flags and Tales to reach you. If there is any way for you to create a diversion and delay the torture of cousin Seamus, by all means, DO IT! The 77th is greatly involved in deploying the troops in this area of Fort Morris where the Shippen family holds lands. Although Brother Gunn and I would want to join cousins Flags and Tales in this daring rescue, we are detained here by orders of Col. Bouquet. If you can, send a message to Seamus's sweetheart, Nancy, to allay her fears. I have great trust in Many Flags and Three Tales, that if there is any way to rescue Seamus, they will perservere. They also have the help of Sign Talker who has old friends among our enemies the Shawnee. If Flags and Tales cannot win in a fight to save our cousin, Sign Talker can surely barter for his freedom. Keep us abreast of this daring rescue.
: Finally, there is one more person who we believe may be traveling secretly to aid in Seamus's rescue. That person is Uncle Angus. He was sighted several times in the woods with his flock as we headed to Fort Morris, before we received your message. When the hullaballoo broke out after hearing of Seamus's capture, we saw a distant figure in the forest with what looked like sheep and a voice called out loud, for all of us to hear, "Pax Aye! Come along my dearies, we have a nephew to save!"
: This Uncle Angus of ours is a formidable foe of the savages. They believe him to be a war like spirit and will not cross his path. We believe Uncle Angus to be traveling in tandem with Flags, Tales and Sign Talker. Surely with all of these rescuers, Seamus has a chance of surviving.
: May St. Andrew be with you, Timothy, in your quest to rescue our dear cousin Seamus. Look for Flags, Tales, Sign Talker, and the elusive Uncle Angus within a few days. They travel with nary a stop to save the life of Seamus.
: Pax Aye! God Save the King!
: Cpl. Malcolm A. MacWilliam, 77th Reg't of Foot, Grenadier Company

Friend Malcolm!

What great news! Deux Chemises says to tell Sign Talker, Many Flags and Three Tales to take the Raystown Path west from Ft. Morris to Burnt Cabins, then the Burnt Cabins-Frankstown Path nortwest to Frankstown, and pick up the Kittanning Path there. Go west on it to Canoe Place, being careful not to be seen there, and then intersect the Great Shamokin Path southwest of Punxsutawney. We will meet them near there. Look for a buck deer skull hung in a hemlock tree, eight feet from the ground. We will tie a red ribbon on the left antler. Facing that tree, go 200 yards past it straight and turn left 90 degrees. We will await you 100 paces from that point. Seamus was at Chinklacamoose and is now being taken toward Punxsutawney where they will spend the night. Tomorrow they will set out on the last leg of the Great Shamokin Path to Kittanning. They will pass within one quarter mile of our meeting place, and I propose to ambush them at Shaver's Spring, where they will undoubtedly stop for water. We will be six by then and the odds will be much more even. With M. du Ranck they are nine...we can handle that. Tell Flags, Tales and Sign Talker to hurry, we must be in position before they arrive at the Spring. We will also be alert for Angus and his flock! His presence will certainly be of great value to the rescue of Seamus!

Thank you for your prayers and please thank Captain Croy for all he has done! I am in his debt, no matter the outcome. I must go now, Malcolm, and get a message to Nancy.


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