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Posted by Elaine on April 04, 2000 at 10:56:52:

In Reply to: Re: Sounds of Silence posted by gayle on April 04, 2000 at 09:28:19:

: : Well, Emma, I read your post yesterday and I must admit to having been confused. So, I let it lay till this morning when I decided to read it again & attempt an understanding. No go.

: : To read your words, something was said, very few were spared, and there is a lot of gossiping going on in the background of which you are aware. Or, am I reading too much into this?

: : I AM aware of something strange going on ... as I barely alluded to in my Sunday post. If your words are true, then I think it about time the matter was discussed ... openly.

: : : You all are but hiding, I know this is true
: : : For many have written to tell me they're blue.
: : : The blow that was dealt was not lethal, in fact
: : : was inconsequential in the power it lacked.

: : : So come back and dance on the words through the wire
: : : and behind you do put those words that were dire
: : : with meaning and portent and power unseen.
: : : Myself, I don't think they were meant to be mean.

: : : And be not offended by posts big or small
: : : as power and life here reside with us all.

: : I don't think I am misinterpreting this at all. The words are right there. I must've missed something, and if something IS going on in the shadows, it's making a mountain out of a mole hill ... as far as I can tell.

: : Anyone want to explain this?

: Dear Rich,

: I, for one, am not aware of anything clandestine going on. I just sense that we're all in one of our fallow periods - waiting for some new and interesting material to catch our interest, or for some new inspiration to mischief to occur to us before romping off through the lilies of Mohicanland again. This is a time of year when folks get focused on The Gathering plans, rather than game-playing, too. Unless somebody brings it to my attention, I don't see anything wrong on the Board and certainly haven't heard anything "behind" it like pesky E-mail or anything. Don't worry - we'll all crop up when the conjunction of the planets or some such thing sets us spinning again.

: If Emma has a "concern", maybe she should share it with us, but my feeling was just that she missed our personna romps, which truly have been few and far between lately.

: Gayle


Hello, Gayle ...

Yes, there is a natural lull from time to time, and that is partly (mostly???) at play here. That's to be expected.
However, there is a bit more. Nothing too consequential, as far as I can tell, but since it is there, may as well address it.

Firstly, Emma has been good enough to reply privately so we now understand her references. Thank you, Emma.

You know, a house divided can not stand. There are some who seem intent on either taking offense at every little thing or seek simply to stoke the fires of factionalism. Why? It doesn't really matter, I suppose.

If one is enjoying this web site & the MohicanLand community that has been created, then why engage in disruptive, negative behaviour that only serves to encourage Rich & I to consider weighing the merits of interactive cyberspace? There's no point. Nothing good can come of such things.

If one is a *lurker* who has, perhaps, a previous *jaded* history here & seeks ANY opportunity to sow the seeds of division, then such a person truly wishes to destroy this entire virtual community/venture & there is nothing I can say to such a person. One such as this will go on & on & on. It would be up to each of you to discern & use good judgment when contacted by folks whom you've never heard of before who wish to stir the pots.

Now, I KNOW my Edict post has been singled out by some as allegedly being malicious. Wow! What can I say other than fantasy truly does have a place in MohicanLand! Has humor become so rare & obsolete that one can no longer recognize it when it appears? How sad. Pathetically sad.

Defend it? Nope! Add to it? Yes! If anyone truly finds offense in such satire, really, you ought to step back a bit. As far as I know, some who claim offense have never been heard of or from before. Without understanding or interacting in the satirical/humorous nature of this board, one can hardly be justified in rallying the troops in *opposition.*

Do you have a problem with something said? Send ME an e-mail!!!!
And PLEASE have the courage to put your name to it! Otherwise, one must question the motives behind your *complaints.*

Having said that, I must add that we fully realize the enjoyment people get from this place. We are VERY glad for that. Very.

So, what I think is needed most is a long overdue edition of THE COURIER - where EVERYTHING you say or haven't said can & WILL be used against you!

Other than that, everyone needs to simply enjoy & utilize this board for positive intentions.

And ... we will be adding a picture of the Raffle Wampum Sash & Choker later on! It's gorgeous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



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