Re: Where the heck is That Man O' Man?

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Posted by Doc M on April 10, 2000 at 16:52:34:

In Reply to: Re: Where the heck is That Man O' Man? posted by Dana S. on April 10, 2000 at 16:26:43:

: : Yoooooooo-hooooooooooooo?? Benton?? BEENNNNNNN-TOOOOOOOON??? Where are y'all, Sweetie Pie? It is I, your own Miss Marcia, callin' you...Benton? BEEENNNNNNNNNNNNN-TOOOOOONNNNNNNN??

: : *mutter*...Drat! Now where is that guy hidin'? Dadblamed vines in my face, and briars catchin' at my skirts, and looky here at all these flies buzzin' around my picnic basket that I packed up special for My Man. SHOOO! *Swat! Slap!!* I don't have all day to be beatin' the bushes looking for Bent...I'm supposed to take tea with Miss Katie and Miss Gaylee. I don't wanna miss'll be a good opportunity to straighten out some of these rumors that are flyin' about, regardin' myself and that deerhunter's bumm! *Slap! Swat!!*
: : SHOO, FLY!...

: : Yooooo-hooooo, Benton? I brought you some ice tea and some nice little sandwiches spread with your favorite Fiddlehead Fern Jam. Ummmmm, doesn't that sound good? Benton?? BENNNNNNNN-TOONNNNNNN??
: : Where AAAAAAAAAAAAARE you???

: : *gasp* Oh, my! What's that rustlin' I hear in the underbrush? Oh, I do declare, I hope it's not a varmint of any kind. I do detest varmints so! Maybe I should turn back...I'll just take the path back to the village & get someone to help me find Benton later. Hmmm...I think the path is this, that doesn't look right...must be over, I don't believe that's the way I came, either. Well, it must be here somewhere closeby...I can't have wandered too far off the trail. Oh, dear! That rustlin' noise sounds like it's comin' closer, and I'm gettin' more and more confused! Oh, I do wish I had My Man here to protect me...I just KNOW that's a varmint. That shuffling, clomping sound has "varmint" written all over it! Only one thing to do...YELL for all I'm worth!!


: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

: Well, I think it's a Huron's what got Miss Marcia. Suuuuure, Hurons are weeeeelcome in MohicanLand, you say. We loooooooove Hurons, you say. Now look. One of them ever-lovin' Hurons has probably got Miss Marcia. Well that's just my opinion. *sniff* 'Tain't worth a whole lot, I'll admit. I'm just sayin' it's probably one of them Hurons...

: Dana S.

HERE, BOY!! *tweeeet! tweeeet!* OVER HERE, BOY!! Gooood, Huron!
Gooood boy!! Let go! Let go! SIT! SIT! *whap! whap!* Oh, for
Lord's sake!! I told you to get MMMMarcia, not this...this
froufrou flibberty-gibbit! Talk, talk, TALK all day, and
makes that fuuuuuddddge that makes me break out in hives!
Take her back THIS INSTANT!! *stomps back to the Mohicanland
Clinic, muttering foul oaths!*


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