Re: TC Cries On Behalf of TGAT Edict iSSUER!

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Posted by Dana S. on April 11, 2000 at 19:38:51:

In Reply to: Re: TC Cries On Behalf of TGAT Edict iSSUER! posted by TC on April 11, 2000 at 17:04:34:

: : : ringalinga ringggggggggggggggggg!
: : : Hear Ye Hear Ye Hear Ye!
: : : LOTMLAND'S Newest and one of the most fear - uh... ahhmmm.... uh.... I meant RESPECT not fear.... uhmmm...
: : : LOTMLand's newest and one of the most fe...uh! ah! once again, I meant RESPECTED... resident, Her Highness The Publicant (aka Tax Collector) has received a trade-off offer from The Great and Terrible EdictIssuer... who has offered... all on her own...without any pressure on the part of the Publicant whatsoever....
: : : HER FIRST BORN to the Publicant in lieu of lifelong servitude to the Crown for dire tax delinquency.
: : : Being a very careful and meticulous record keeper and soul... uh! no, I meant tax collector, The Publicant wants the many witnesses to this publicly issued offer, to step forward and place their John Hancock prominently in the middle of this parchment.
: : : However... there is one caveat!
: : : This Olde and Humble TowneCrier, well aware of the fact that TGAT Edict Issuer is also the lawfully elected righteous Queen of the realm, fears thusly:
: : : The Queen has been AWOL for the longest of times. Might it be that there is something sinister going on? Might it be that... and I am risking my neck by crying out aloud about my suspicion, and right here in the middle of the Towne Square... but might it be that
: : : The Publicant's agents have kidnapped said Queen... and htis offer of the First Borne is only a veil of smoke to pull the wool over our smart eagle-visioned eyes????

: : : Opinions accepted. Donations of buckets to keep the TC's blood pouring from the neck of her chopped off head, neat and collected, are accepted, too.

: : : Yr Hmbl and Obedient and LOYAL Servant, The TC
: : : Proud to Die on Duty

: : ~~~~~~~~~~
: : TC,

: : It's them blasted Hurons again. Troublemakers the lot of 'em. *sniff* That's my opinion...take it or leave it.

: : Dana S.

: Dear Madame Dana S.
: TheHurons? Hmm. Possible. Though I believe The Publicant may have a say in this, too. The Publicant, eager to purchase the Printing Press to print the printable publications in her own abode, might have a hand in TGAT EI kidnappoing and hold for ransom... And i am afraid The Publicant will not be satisfied with the TGAT Ei's First Borne, but wants King Richfed's Companion, too.
: I pen you this reply in my secret hiding place, for after my public announcement of The Publicant's possibly devious motive re. asking for Witnesses, my head sits no longer safely upon my shoulders.

: Please remember, any buckets to collect the floods of blood, any pitchers containing Bloody Mary (the drink, not the Q)to ease my agony of awaiting execution, will be greatly appreciated!

: Frightened but not Intimidated
: TC


Oops! Sorry, TC. I get it, now. Didn't read the nitty-gritty, I guess. So YOU are the culprit. Hmmm... Never woulda figured YOU for a Huron.

Dana S.

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