At last...Carlisle is in sight!!!

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Posted by Seamus on April 12, 2000 at 19:38:13:

Cousins Malcolm and Davey Gunn,

We are resting on the summit of Kittatinny Mountain, after an arduous climb up from Horse Valley. I must admit it was an exercise of some difficulty for me as yet, but I wanted to come this way because it is closer to Carlisle than staying farther north along Shareman's Creek. Malcolm, from up here I can see light from the garrison's campfires at Carlisle in the distance, as it is remarkably clear tonight. I have implored Timothy , Flags, Tales and the Indians to press on to Carlisle, as I am very weary of the woods right now. My ordeal has taken much out of me, and I crave the activity of the town and fort, as well as the companionship of other people, especially my Nancy. I cannot tell you how much she has been on my mind this past few weeks, and all the while when I thought for sure, on more than one occasion, I had breathed my last, my only thoughts were of her. The misery and the agony she had to be going through, not knowing what was happening, was working on me hard, and when I found out she had known, my poor heart nearly broke for her. The only fear I had was of not ever seeing her again, and fighting THAT fear kept me going as long as I could. I cannot wait to see her again and hold her close and drink in that intoxicating odor she eminates. I have come to realize just how much I love her. I am fortunate that Timothy, Cousins Flags and Tales, and my dear Indian friends, Deux Chemises and Sign Talker happened upon me when they did. Timothy's aim was swift and true, and he has done the world a great favor by sending M. du Ranck to the pits of hell to burn forever...I am glad Johann Getz was able to make a left-handed rifle-gun for Timothy! He never could have done that had he been compelled to use his mangled right hand to fire a rifle-gun.

Malcolm, I saw Uncle Angus! As he passed me when I was tied to the tree and his sheep were routing the Shawanese, he paused, took my head in his hands, looked me in the eye, and said, "Fear no more, Nephew! You will soon be free...your friends and your cousins are right over there! My dearies and I will always be near, watching over you all! No more harm will come to you, nor any MacWilliam! We shall see to that! Now I must be off after those heathens! Pax Aye!" ...and he was gone. Malcolm! You are his image! There is no mistaking it...I have seen you in him! He is real, Malcolm!!

We will soon be working our way down the mountain to the Conedogwinit Creek, and will follow it to the Meeting House and cut south and into Carlisle. We will be there before midnight tonight. Deux Chemises and Sign Talker have gone on ahead with ThreeTales to alert the garrison and patrols. We want no trouble from them! If you have already gone to Fort Morris, we will start for there in two days time, after we have had a chance to rest and refresh ourselves, and I can get some suitable clothing. I am going to ceremoniously burn these damnable Frenchman's clothes we took from du Ranck's pack. They smelled of Frog then and still do....

I am anxious to see Quasi. There is much we have to talk about. My ordeal has shown me a totally different perspective on life itself. I will implore him to join us to travel to Ft. Morris and Loudoun, and thence to Fort Frederick, and hopefully we can reconcile a number of things...

We are ready to go now. I will see you in a few hours, or a few days...

Your grateful and fortunate cousin,


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